Changing Blog Themes

What a pain. Changing blog themes, that is. I hadn’t changed themes since 2010, and decided I liked the look on fellow bloggers sites….big photo header..etc.

If I change themes, I always end up having to reload widgets that may or may not work, headers that might show up or not.  So, why bother?  I suppose my rationale is that this is rather like rearranging furniture. Sometimes you just want a change. Besides its a good way to clean those areas of the room untouched for eons.

I don’t rearrange rooms or move the furniture very often either.

In the end, I switched from the Twenty-Ten to the Twenty-Eleven theme.  Wow, big deal.  Everyone needs a change, and I need an interior decorator. Oh well here are a few more photos from our Batty Party last week (let’s see if this works). Meanwhile, I am not liking this tiny type.

Bat Bear

Bat Bear

Pompeii like art on wall by Kathy.

Pompeii like art on wall by Kathy.

Bats on viewBats on view

10 thoughts on “Changing Blog Themes

  1. I like it, I like it. I have tried changing my BlogSpot theme once or twice and have come back to something similar. I prefer simple for myself. I started another blog just for myself that I work with only when I get the urge to try something different. That way I don’t foul up what I have in place.


  2. I like the new look, and I like the short entries…click here for the longer version. No update for me. My wordpress blog is as simple as I can get it, and my blogger blog can be changed within the current format. I like the big picture here and ease of use.


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