A Party for Old Bats

Granddaughter Joy and Daughter Connie on their way South through the Great Valley of Virginia, taking Joy to college.

Granddaughter Joy and Daughter Connie on their way South through the Great Valley of Virginia, taking Joy to college.

Neighbor Kathy has her annual Bat Tea today. Many of the older, single gals in the neighborhood, as well as David and me, Brother D and another Cistercian will attend.   I will take photos today for a post next week. Today’s post is about a more mundane matter.

David and I are up early. Head spinning, I took a shower at 5:00 AM to hydrate my sinuses. So far several medical people have told me something I already know…I am drying out. Showers add moisture to the house, and me. I also have a huge pot of water filled with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom seeds on a simmer. In a few weeks when the Hale oranges arrive, I can add orange peel to the daily concoction.

Growing older is certainly a factor in the drying process.  Parts of me that once lubricated on their own now require assistance. I have creams, lotions, gels, salves galore.  Some prescribed by one physician or another, some over-the-counter items. My Podiatrist has recommended a special foot cream, my Opthomologist a gel for night-time and a more liquid lubricant for day time.  And so it goes.  I use a special cream on my face and behind my ears…yes, ears dry out too…recommended by my Dermatologist.

A big factor in the drying out process is medicine.  My meds dry me out. At this rate, I will be an old, if preserved prune within a few years.

Central heating is yet another factor. And yes, we did turn on our humidifier.  When the windows steam up, I will know I have been successful in combatting the drying out of our home.  Now onto that party for old bats….

16 thoughts on “A Party for Old Bats

  1. I wonder if, like dried fruit, I will be sweeter, dried out. I once was persistent about applying body lotion liberally and daily. Now rarely unless Hubby is around to help.


  2. I love the photo of your daughter and granddaughter. I think I probably need to buy that humidifier. You have given me something to think about here. To answer your question, I have a Canon EOS7D and used a 300m zoom lens rather than a macro to take photos of my flowers.


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