Too many interests – photography?

Yesterday, I finally made it to the local Apple Store inPentagon City. I purchased my new Macbook Air laptop in September from Amazon and had figured out how to do most of the things I wanted, but one procedure escaped me.  Ditto my new iPhone. After an hour with a very kindly Apple employee, everything worked fine.  Granddaughter Joy told me it would.  She said Apple employees were very helpful.

These are my first Apple items, and now I wonder what took me so long to switch to Mac products. Sometimes, I think I am too conservative when it comes to trying new things. I tried out the camera on my new Iphone and discovered the photos I took went directly to my laptop.  How nice.

Below are a few shots of my new tall bearded German Iris currently in bloom.  I have added a few other shots I took with my Cannon camera below the iPhone photo.  I think the Cannon shots are better, although it takes more work to load them in Word Press.  What do you think?


Tall bearded Iris - taken with my iPhone

Tall bearded Iris – taken with my iPhone in the sun, Oct 2013.

Tall bearded Iris - taken with my Cannon camera in the morning shade, Oct. 2013

Tall bearded Iris – taken with my Cannon camera in the morning shade, Oct. 2013.

Tall bearded Iris, taken in spring with my Cannon camera

Tall bearded Iris, taken in the sun, spring  2013 with my Cannon camera

16 thoughts on “Too many interests – photography?

  1. Hi Dianne…this is great.. if you don’t want to add your blog post to the Mr. Linky next week, let me know and I can easily add it myself. I love all nature photos no matter what they are. I have a nice Canon Rebel, but i have been using my small Lumix since my mastectomy this past spring as it is lighter.. You already have Nature Notes bloggers as blog friends as I see Denise and Sallie… Michelle


  2. How lovely that you are joining the memes Diane. There are so many of them but I have been with SkyWatch since I started blogging and also Camera Critters. I also love Nature Notes and kind of fell into hosting Today’s Flowers, which I also enjoy because I love taking photos of flowers. Your photos are lovely!

    We have also just started using Apple products but only since Gregg retired as his laptop belonged to his firm and they always used Windows. We also found Apple people very helpful.


  3. Hi! I hopped over from your comment on Denise’s blog… Love all the iris pictures, and think that canons are probably better photos, but what a super thing that the IPhone pictures download to the Mac automatically. We still use a PC and so I hardly use my IPhone as a camera, it’s just one more thing to download (I’m used to carrying my camera as well as my phone everywhere).

    Anyway — did someone answer your question about memes? They’re open to everyone … at least all the ones I join (LOL, otherwise they’d never let me in). Seriously, hop on in. They are a great way to get to know more bloggers.


  4. I couldn’t tell as sun and shade varied. But the Canon shot close up is gorgeous. I think you will gradually find the iPhone’s limits. My DIL uses a Nikon and her iPhone and gets remarkable pix with both. That feature of photos going straight to laptop is great. Have fun!


    • I LOVE MY CANNON!! I took the photos at Green Spring using the Cannon. I don’t know how to do closeups with the iPhone,or if you can. The Iris really needs closeups so you can see the detail in its petals.. Yes, photography is fun.


  5. I think the iPhone photo is better,colorwise. I couldn’t live w/o my iPhone and MacBook Pro. I don’t use any other camera now except the one on my phone.


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