My F**ket list

Meryl Baer over at Six Decades and Counting had this idea before me, and I believe she got it from someone else who got it from someone else.  You know how it is….I have no idea of the origin of the idea, but as each list is individual, I figured I would start working on my own.

I haven’t had much success with a F**ket list, even as I have not been able to come up with a definitive Bucket list. I simply don’t want to admit I will never do something again. Nor can I say I must do something before I die.  This stems from a lifetime experience of understanding John Lennon’s advice to his son, “life is what happens when you are making other plans.”

Oh I can think of some things I hope I never do again such as:

1/ I will never have another perm or color my hair again. I never should have had the first perm. In the days of do-it-yourself home perms, Mom fancied herself a hair dresser of sorts, and my sister and I were her victims. For years we had wild hair when others were wearing neat page boys.

As for coloring my hair…I began turning grey when I was 29 and colored it until I met and married David.  Today it is very white and I think of it as the ‘new blond.’  I have read blondes have more fun and when I am able, I’m doing some research.

2/ I don’t want to join another book club. I will investigate books friends recommend, but that’s it. I have always been a fast reader, and don’t like the regimine of reading at another’s pace, hence no book club.

3/ I will never fix a fancy meal for more than 3-4 again.  I never have been “the hostess” type, but those years I was married to an officer, I did entertain a bit.  I lie of course, the Ex’s form of entertainment was a beer bust where he and his mates got drunk while hapless wives looked on.

4/ I will never polish silver again.  I have an expensive set of cutlery (is that the fancy word?) and crystal stemware I have never used. Don’t know why I bought them, but would love to sell them. As for the china. It’s beautiful English Royal Doulton, seldom used, generally for family meals at Christmas or some holiday.  These days we eat out.

Over time, I will add other things to this list, but at the moment I am onto my second cup of coffee from my favorite chipped mug.

7 thoughts on “My F**ket list

  1. Somewhere, recently, I read what seemed good advice about the seldom-used china (we also have a full set stashed away). Take it out and start using it for all your meals. Why not enjoy the elegance as much as possible? So far, my wife is not convinced, but I’m working at it.


  2. I think number one on my list would also be # No More Perms for me either – do they still make/ sell ‘home perms’.
    Experience has told me I was given straight hair for a reason and its not for me to question why. Being called Frizz Head is not a pleasant experience lol
    Take care


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