On Being Frivolous

While I was in therapy for Depression a few years back, I had a therapist who gave me instructions to “go out and do something frivolous.” You see, I am by nature, being an oldest child of parents who struggled with adulthood, a person who takes herself V-E-R-Y seriously.

Growing older, I have realized:

1/ God did not die and leave me in charge.

2/ I am important to my own life.

Regarding the latter, I spent much of my life in a wild frenzy of work, acquiring eduction, trying to raise kids and please some man or other, first my Dad, later husbands, bosses, etc. Now the time has come to sit back and relax, let others assume the running of their own lives and take time to smell the flowers..even though many of these high tech GMO things don’t have much scent.

Other than get out and enjoy a little artificial scenery this week, the other thing I have done is become, once again, engrossed in mysteries. My friend Kathy, the artist who calls herself the Neighborhood Dog Nanny, comes by two times most days to walk dogs, bring us some delectable food or other, and/or otherwise carry on a decent conversation, mostly about art, recommended a few mystery authors.

Kathy is second generation Irish descent, but her great love is Italy and Italian art. Using her knowledge of Italian art, she has earned her living in recent years by designing the interiors of several Italian restaurants here in the DC area. Thus, it is not surprising she has put me onto various good authors of Italian mysteries, several of them dramatized on our local Public Broadcasting network.

Most interesting to me lately, has been a book by David Hewson, the first mystery I have read in 10 years. I am currently half way through his Carnival of the Dead and feeling very frivolous indeed.  Heretofore, I would have felt, unless my time was spent reading a dismal history of the WWII period, I was not using it wisely. I wonder what else I can do to frivol my time away?


Joy with her precious baby.
Joy with her precious baby.

Granddaughter Joy tore herself away from her cows long enough to visit me yesterday. She says she has switched from poultry science to cows as her field of expertise in her agricultural science degree. She is applying for an internship next summer working with a ‘sustainable dairy operation’ in Wisconsin. She also has begun a blog with the word ‘utter’ in the name, but I can’t share the link yet. Clever girl.  I love to hear her share her dreams, goals and aspirations. Hope lies with the young, I believe.

8 thoughts on “On Being Frivolous

  1. I like Tom Sightings answer. I finally gave up trying to please others a few years back. It is liberating to come to that point and a lot easier on my nerves 😉 I admire your granddaughter. She’s going to have a very interesting career.


  2. You saw that change coming for Joy.

    A bit of frivolity is healthy, healing and relaxing. At least that’s what I tell myself as I read lit lite.


  3. I think if we all focused on the good things in our lives, we would all be happier. Of course, miserable thoughts sometimes intrude, but we should try to replace them with positive thoughts as soon as possible. It’s a struggle, though, isn’t it.


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