Kissing cows

Almost any day when I look at my granddaughter Joy’s Facebook page I am likely to see her involved with a cow. Should I be a concerned grandmother? Should I write to an agony aunt somewhere and ask, what’s up? Below is yesterday’s cow and Joy wearing one of my old shirts (and I thought it attracted men).1385116_10151874962429088_2025473616_n She tells me she is going to specialize in poultry science, but I have yet to see her with a chicken. In case you missed it here are a few more cow photos.73138_10151506212304088_1686795022_n

Joy kisses a jersey cow

Joy kisses a jersey cow


Actually, that last one might be a bison

And here’s one with her girlfriends…all cow girls on her campus. Now I know why they call it Moo U.


15 thoughts on “Kissing cows

  1. Your granddaughter is a sweet girl, I love these photos. She looks like she is having a great time. Hope all goes well with you and you are feeling a whole lot better after your op.


  2. She and her friends are delightful, but I wonder, too. Poultry may be her career, but it appears she loves those cows, maybe a consuming avocation in her future?


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