At least the rain stopped

Oh I’d love to write a cheerful post, but I find this difficult. Like many, I am distressed with the stalemate in Washington, but I blame Democrats and Republicans alike for the impasse. I mean, come on…how long can the government keep on growing with endless spending and increases in benefits for all? And do we really think we can cure this accounting problem over night?

The answers are there of course. We must reign in government spending and growth of the bureaucracy as JFK suggested and Eisenhower before him, and the founders as far back as 1781.  And we must get out of the problems the same way we got into them…one step at a time or leave our kids nothing but the ashes of a failed Republic.

The measures we take must be serious and steady..half measures avail us nothing.  Like it or lump it, those are the answers. We either bite the bullet and reign in government expansion and spending, or watch the whole thing come tumbling down.You might not like what Paul Ryan has to say, who does, but anyone who has ever balanced a budget knows he is onto something.

A Granny myself as well as a retired demographer, I know Social Security is NOT the problem and Paul has said so.  But medical spending in its various forms is a huge and growing problem. And I write this having had more than a share of tax dollars spent on me for medical care over the past year.

Perhaps more of this expense should have been covered by my health insurance company. Yes, I have a policy for which I lay out a chunk of $$ every month and have done so for several decades.  Shockingly, as soon as I turned 65 my health insurance company turned me over to Medicare. Why?  How did they get out of the deal we had? Oh yes, they are still around to cover my prescription drugs and some 20% of my tab or the ‘copay’, but is that a fair share for a ‘for-profit’ company?


Looking for the Sunshine

Looking for the Sunshine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, I am coping with recovery and happy to see the sun which encouraged my morning walk with my dog.  My new therapist tells me I am in the top 5% of cases (hip joint replacement) recovering from this surgery. Yes, my hip is doing well. My knee, the only reason I need a cane, is also recovering from the secondary abuse of surgery on my hip, and my bowels from the anesthesia followed by pain medication which virtually shut them down. One day at a time.

9 thoughts on “At least the rain stopped

  1. In earlier fiscal debates during the current administration, comments similar to yours were ridiculed by some pundits. Common sense tells any responsible, functioning adult that spending more than you make is not a financially healthy path. Ack! BP spiking, so I’ll skip over to rejoicing in the success of your surgery and your continuing recuperation!


  2. Many congratulations for keeping on keeping on so well with the hip. Bravo. I feel vastly better today now that food allergies have been diagnosed. I’d rather exercise than fall asleep over my computer any day. Top 5%. I have felt so like a slug that the last two days have been a miracle.

    Yes, I’m a very strong fiscal conservative. Gotta balance the budget. The flat tax doesn’t sound half bad. But I am a social liberal…if there is such a thing like that these days. Neither Canada, NZ, or AU have gone broke by offering medical care. We need to seriously consider this here.


    • I can’t take credit for my extremely good fortune in terms of my body’s response to this surgery. David had a hell of a time with his experience. He says he envies me, but it’s just good fortune not better behavior on my part.

      I too am a fiscal conservative and social liberal, but for me this means you can’t give what you don’t have. If there is no money for certain programs, that’s just cold hard reality. The Republicans were never opposed to expanding health care but they had different and good ideas which Nancy Pelosi and her crew ignored when the bill (which became the law) was drafted. Even that august statesman Bill Clinton says the ACA is ‘broken and ‘needs fixing’, although he is not to clear on what exactly should be fixed’. I would like it if Congress could open up the law for amendments, but that won’t happen under Harry Reid.

      The Republicans claim Obama has been ‘cherry-picking’ the law and only enforcing the parts he likes. For example, subsidies to those joining the exchanges should be subjected to ‘means-testing under the ACA, but Obama has waved the “income” requirement. If the agreement reached in the Senate this afternoon holds, that item would be reincorporated and inforced.


  3. I’m just going to sit in the corner and listen with interest – we’ve got enough problems down here lol
    What I do enjoy tho is listening to others discuss as adults the pros and cons of politics in their own countries
    Have to say you really are doing well with the recuperation process
    Take care


  4. Congratulations on your continued and speedy recovery.

    I suspect you are no longer of great interest to an insurance company. You probably cost them as much now as you’d be paying in. Where’s the profit in that?


    • I’d cost them more for sure, but after holding the policy for several decades when I was younger and paid the premiums, how do the insurance companies get away with now having Medicare, i.e. taxpayers, pick up my medical expenses? The answer has to do with lobbies, cronyism, and back-room deals with congressional representatives whose elections they help fund. I expect the major beneficiaries of the new ACA will be the insurance companies. It certainly won’t be the youngsters who must now cough up the insurance premiums.


    • More taxes is certainly one suggestion to the budget impasse. Some favor a flat tax for ALL (no deductions for anyone, deduction for home mortgage interest, out-of-pocket medical expenses, etc.) others favor not raising taxes, but scaling back on outlays for expensive ‘entitlement” programs (medical care in all forms), except for the poor. Simply raising taxes on one segment of the population, which already pays most of the federal taxes, is unconstitutional and would mean the end of democracy as we know it. I for one am not ready to live under that type of dictatorship.


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