Truly rewarding

315043_10151097061219088_505082057_n.jpgI almost laughed as I watched my surgeon admiring his handiwork today, i.e., my new hip joint as revealed in an Xray. It is a beautiful bit of work, for sure, and so well done I am bound to end up in a medical text book.

I can remember feeling the same kind of pride years ago, in an article of clothing, newly manufactured by me on my little Singer sewing machine. Craftsmanship is its own reward, even for surgeons.

These days, more than anything else, I miss making things. One of my granddaughters posted the photo above on her Facebook page, showing my SIL’s handiwork this fall as he puts up some of the summer fruits of his labor in his vegetable patch. Some items he will can, some he will dry in the little dehydrator I gave him last year.

Years ago I put up jars of vegetables, grown in my own vegetable patch. These days, I grow flowers, and only a few of those. Keeping a kitchen garden is a lot of work, but it’s own reward.

17 thoughts on “Truly rewarding

  1. Great news about your hip and that your mobility is improving.

    On several American Blogs, I am reading about ‘canning’ food for the winter. Why is it called canning when the food is preserved in glass jars?


  2. I canned salsa and stewed tomatoes out of my garden this year, and while it’s lots of work, I agree it sure is rewarding when you see the finished results!
    Glad you are on the mend!!
    🙂 LOIS


  3. Just a lovely note. Buoys me up, thank you. The only time I gardened was from my 20’s through my mid thirties. I found I had a green thumb…which I dearly tried to cultivate. Now days my few plants look scabrous.
    So glad you are a new and blossoming you. Yes, my surgeon patted himself on the back too. Then again, it is a pretty good hip. 🙂 Lots of hugs from here to you.


  4. Wow! Those jars are amazing! It’ll be fabulous this summer.

    I’m so happy your hip is such a success! I’m sure a lot has to do with how prepared you were for it. You are a fabulous, informed patient.


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