Getting Well…


No a halloween

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Getting better after major surgery is tedious.  Yes, I am making progress, but I am also fighting boredom.  My surgeon is due to remove staples from my bottom Friday and I can hardly wait. And yes they are metal staples. My leg looks like Dr. Frankenstein sewed me back together. Now I can join the other gals at the Sport and Health Club displaying similar scars.

Meanwhile, to get into the spirit of the holiday, my neighborhood is taking on the look of Halloween. The signs are especially notable in houses where kids live. Huge furry spiders crawl over shrubs and cobwebs are strung every which way. One neighbor has laid out a faux cemetery in his front lawn.

My friend Kathy is getting ready for her annual “Bat Tea.” She found a witches’ hat at a yard sale, and has been baking up a storm. Think of this as a ‘block party’ she says. She tells me I must be well enough to attend, and I am sure I will, given my progress.

BJ my therapist and I walked up the street and back today.  It did me a world of good to get out in the newly arrived cooler fall weather, discovering buds on my tall Iris, which is preparing for its fall showing..

Inside, the little African Violets the mice very nearly destroyed have recovered and are beginning to bloom. Flowers and plants gladden my heart.

English: Plague doctor reinactment dress-up

English: Plague doctor reinactment dress-up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kathy recommended a new-to-me author, David Hewson, and I began reading his recent book (2013), Carnival for the Dead. Amazingly, the book is holding my interest. I read complex histories for so many years, I didn’t think I could ever get back to mysteries.  Kathy says Hewson situates his books in historical settings. If well done, I can enjoy them.

Meanwhile, I am getting to know my new iPhone and Mac.  So far so good.

12 thoughts on “Getting Well…

  1. Ahhh… I’m reading backwards and seeing progress on your hip.

    There are very few trick or treaters in our neighborhood in Hawaii now which we’re disappointed about. We only bought one bag this year. Back in the Midwest we had to buy 7 bags or more. I also don’t see many Halloween decorations out. Maybe it’s because you feel the seasonal thing more where there are seasons.


  2. RYN: LOL I gave up caring years ago. Now when I have someone come in to clean up the messes, I don’t want them to have to clean up after me…just the dust. We do the laundry and dishes. Maybe you need to hire someone so you too can feel guilty. :LOL


  3. You really are so far ahead of me already. If it isn’t raining, I’m going out and walk by the bay this afternoon. Mammogram this morning. I’m always so afraid…..ah, well. I’ll think of you marching while I’m marching.

    No kids here. No candy in the house either. Thank heavens.
    Hugs to both of you.


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