Out and About

I made my first excursion since hip surgery to the mall yesterday. The goal was to activate my new Apple iPhone at the Verizon store where I got my address book transferred and donated my old phone to the recycle program.

I had planned to walk from the Verizon to the Apple store to get my iPhone talking to my new Macbook Air, but grew weary and turned around and headed back to the car. Later that day, I figured out how to make the connections myself.

David says I am becoming a telephony ‘guru,’ but it’s not me, it’s the wizardry of modern gadgetry. Very different from the days when we both worked for the Bell System and I began by working on a clunky instrument that operated like a teletype machine.

Way back then, before the massive deregulation of the 1980s freed oodles of new technology and set off the boom years of the 1990s, I traveled around the country and to Europe, giving talks to various groups on the wonders of the gadgets of the future. I was no technician, so I barely understood what I was saying, mostly using the canned talks prepared by our Public Relations folks. Nevertheless, much of what I described to groups as diverse as the International Association of Social Scientists and Technicians (generally research librarians in universities) and city planners has more than come to fruition. These days, I must continue to be a participant in the technological revolution.  It’s not a need it’s a want. Toward that goal, I am currently learning how to set up my gadgets to speak with each other.

Meanwhile, I am diverted from reading many books. Hopefully, I will return to my first love, the written word on a page. Until then, I will attempt to do new things, such as convey via iPhone–> iPhone–> Mac, a photo of

Granddaughter Hannah’s goats, accompanied by Boz the border collie…1098262_10200426070925410_773762189_n

7 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. You were brave to attempt such a long walk so early. For a while, shop where they have electric carts. You can walk from the car to the cart. LOL I’m enjoying all G’s struggle to get our new hi-def TV stuff going. I am very grateful that Cox has an online tutorial. He is a teckie, and it took him 2 days to get us up and going.


  2. Glad to see that you’re up and around … and taking on yet another challenge! I, too, am climbing the learning curve of my new smartphone. But I can see — at least for me — it’s a long and tortuous path ahead.


  3. Hello from Germany! Sorry your message did not appear until now but this is the first day I have been able to get online, having pre-posted all my posts since I have been away. All the wedding celebrations have slowed down and I have just gotten back online not being able to the first week, and now only just getting down to moderating comments.

    Glad you were able to get out and wishing you a very speedy recovery.


  4. Out and about in the Mall already, you are making great strides. (pun intended)

    I am like you with new technology. I bought myself an ipad and an iphone and I already have a desktop imac. I managed to get them to speak to each other with lots of fiddling around; never give up, is my motto and I persevere until I’ve got it done. It took me the best part of a day!
    On the other hand, Apple stores and telephone helplines are very eager to help too and I have used them in the past, before I knew my way around Apple.


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