Dianne rises

As I continue to mend from my now week-old surgery for hip joint replacement, I am ever so grateful to be among the living. I don’t want to exaggerage, but my old nemesis anesthesia did it again. That is…it caused problems.

The Anesthetist inserted the epidural needle too far, entering the spinal cavity and causing me paralysis on Thursday last (op day). They realized the mistake late Thursday afternoon when I could not move any part of my lower body.  Yes, it was awful.

I am still weak as a kitten, but have been able to do PT every day. I have mostly been laid low by the after affects of a urinary tract asleep too long and catheterized, which developed an infection leading eventually to the passage of blood clots. This complication added one more med to my growing list of meds.

My GP wanted a urine sample so his nurse suggested I hop in my car and drive out to McLean to their office to deliver it. Duh.

I, on the other hand, arranged for the GP’s office to fax a physician’s order to the lab of the visiting nurse who will deliver the urine sample to the lab which will analyze it and then fax results to Dr. Lessin later this afternoon.  The receptionist, a young control freak, was not happy with this arrangement, but Victor called last night to inform me he had received the orders and would procede as planned today.

Meanwhile, my GP who has known me since he set up his practice 30 years ago and trusts my judgement, ordered a prescription for Ciprofloxin from my pharmacist. The urine check today will verify Cipro is stong enough to deal with an infection acquired at the hospital via a catherter.

UTI almost in hand, I have been coping with issues caused by a bowel asleep at the switch for too long. This is an old nightmare for me. My Mom died from a blocked bowel which burst and led to perontonitis. I won’t go into all the steps I have taken to avoid this misery, but let me say prune juice is my new best friend, along with good old cranberry juice.

I wasn’t able to do my PT yesterday, and today will be a mere shadow of what I did Wednesday, but things are moving along. Hopfully, the movement will become an upward trend. The old sobriquet, “The operation was a success, but the patient died,” will not become my epitaph.

Bedtime friend

Bedtime friend

24 thoughts on “Dianne rises

  1. My goodness…what a horror story. I HATE HOSPITALS …and running a close second are the aides and secretaries who don’t seem to use any sense. I’m so sorry for all your woes and hope it will be all uphill from now on.


  2. Good grief, Dianne!!! This is absolutely awful. I am so sorry for all the misery you’re being put through. I have been seeing some things in the news about problems when you enter the hospital. However, knowing you, I know you’ll fight to get better right away in spite of the hospital.


  3. Atta girl!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that all side effects will clear up and gradually lessen as your mobility increases. A bit of movement works wonders in various areas and normal service will soon be resumed.

    Don’t overdo it, though, and take good care of yourself.


  4. Hope you’re feeling better solon. I remember Grandma Edna Schmidley giving me stewed prunes or prune juice when I would stay up there. I don’t know If I had a problem.It could have been just preventive. I was very young. Love You!!! susie


  5. I believe in prayer too. Good god, it all seems to have gotten worse before it leaps toward better. I became totally incontinent as a result of the catheter. The diapers are gone now…but I didn’t think they would ever go. And too, my reaction to the pain pills is tiny in comparison to your anesthesia reaction. G took an over the counter, 25 mg, laxitive which solved his problems. All I can say is, I am so sorry all this went wrong. Geeze Louise. I am improving slowly. Many hugs from here.


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