Around town

My daughter's farm

My daughter’s farm

David and I suffered through the three-week furlough fiasco in the 1990s, under Clinton, and I reminded my kids, we made it through okay. You can’t do anything about it, just enjoy the time off, I told them. David and I spent every day hiking around our area. I can’t believe how much walking we did…all to build up good bones. Paid or unpaid leave, enjoy the time with your kids and spouse and get your mind off this mess for a few days.


“You are where most hip patients find themselves on Day 10 or so,” says BJ my therapist (PT). David laughingly says, maybe she won’t even need more therapy in the hospital after her two week stint with you. Maybe not, replies BJ. BJ says he seldom sees a patient progress so fast. Next week, we will have you outside walking up the block. Good I tell him, I gotta to get to the Apple Store to figure out how my new Iphone works and talks to my new Macbook Air. Now you know my secret.  The lure of technology draws me forward.

Actually,Kathy reminded me, don’t forget the boys at the ABBY. A whole lot of praying’s been happening over you. Yes, I am a miricle.


Julie was over today to bring lunch again. Kathy just came to walk dogs for the second time today and bring our supper…Matzo ball soup. Every day is getting shorter and easier to conquer. Kind friends and family (and a Higher Power) make all the difference. As Mage says, it takes a village. Kathy and I are planning all kinds of trips on art ventures when I am better and driving again. Meanwhile, I can read several of my magazines on the new Mac. I’m loving it.

9 thoughts on “Around town

  1. Bravo to you. Yes, get moving. That seems to be the cure for new hips or knees. I walked far further than I had planned yesterday yet feel fine today. Hours of walking. Today I will do the same at work. It still hurts. I know it is a bit metal object in there. Slowly it doesn’t matter. Mammogram tomorrow.


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