What’s cooking?

Bison on the hoof at the farm.

Bison on the hoof at the farm.

Pre-op patients were instructed to avoid red meat but eat protein for muscle repair, so today I am cooking a pork loin roast (the other white meat) with sauerkraut for our main meal. This should be both tasteful and healthy as it is a Weight Watchers recipe.

I learned the hard way with major surgery that the most important thing you can do is keep your bowels in good shape so I am eating lots of roughage. These days, I strive to do that anyway (my Twinkie eating days are behind me) but after surgery the last thing you want is constipation.

When they anesthetize you, your bowels go to sleep. I didn’t know that until I had surgery and woke to find a cluster of med students standing over me while their instructor listened to my bowels. “Oh yes,” she said, “they are waking up.” I was conscious enough to lie there and quiz her on the finer points of BMs.  Served her right, but it was kind of scary to realize you could die if your bowels never awakened.

Okay, okay, I know my title suggests cooking, but this isn’t the first time I have misled you.

I started my pre-op exercises and my arms and thighs are now painful…my muscles that is. The joints were in agony before this. Goodness, I hate physical therapy.

One of the instructions is that I should bring some baggy shorts to the hospital. I don’t own any shorts, and if I did they would not be baggy. David’s shorts are baggy, but he is shaped differently. If I was a cute young thing, I could probably wear them and borrow his new red suspenders.

I also don’t own any skirts, suits or dresses. I have worn nothing but cords (jeans before that) for the past 10 years. I blame the government. When I worked in the private sector I always dressed for success. After I went with the government and took a pay cut, I said to heck with it and began wearing jeans five days a week. It was either that or feel conspicuous. Only the upper levels dressed neatly in case they were ever called to testify before Congress. For the minions, it was always ‘dress down Friday.’ Trouble was, the minions actually understood what was going on.

Back in the 1980s, when I worked for Bell, I was called to testify about government data. I had a bad cold, was miserable, and my written testimony told me I was incoherent. Apparently, my concerns about the household survey (which is the source of employment information), as well as the concerns of others in the private sector who used this information, made a dent, because the Congress kept the survey funds entact during this era of budget cutting.

Oh well, that’s enough reminiscing. Don’t look back unless you want to go that way.

These days, I am disqusted with politicians…all of them. They have clay feet…all of them. Well, except for Mark Warner, and maybe Chuck Shumer, and a few others, but they are not gods.  Politicians are only as bright as their constituents, most of whom are not well informed.

So I am busy with my pork roast, which David and I will enjoy later. We both LOVE sauerkraut.

11 thoughts on “What’s cooking?

  1. Good gosh! I didn’t know that about your bowels. Nobody said anything when I went in for my different surgeries. I will try to remember this. Shorts?

    The pork loin sounds wonderful! I haven’t had that since we moved back to Hawaii because it would be too hard for mom to eat.


  2. One of my fav dishes is sauerkraut,pork, new potatoes,onions, and a large can of whole tomatoes. simmered until the pork is done.When I was growing up the pork was usually what was on sale or left over. After I started making it I added garlic to it because I think everything is good with garlic.Funny side note ,the X was all German and hated sauerkraut and I loved it ,not a int of German in me.Clothes are a funny thing too, we care, we don’t care how we look I think it goes with stage of life you’re in. My grandma who had always wore a a full bodysuit of underwear armour,nothing should jiggle, abandoned all for granny panties and a Wallace Berry style undershirt topped by a man’s shorts and shirt when she retired in her 60’s. My Mom her daughter said she was going for the dyke look,this was said under her breath.So I say go with what feels good clothes wise.


  3. I have never tasted sauerkraut. I can’t believe I never had that experience, and now it may be too late, I assume it is heavy in salt and a no no for me. That assumption is based on the fact that if it is tasty it must be salty!


  4. I’m voting for sweats too! Or fleece pj’s, I wore those in the hospital too. Comfy and easy on and off. Good on you for the exercise, it buffs your body up inside to maximize your use of oxygen and keep things chugging along.


  5. Well, you could be like me and wear only muumuus everywhere — night time, day time, opera, symphony, restaurants, parties, and travel destinations. Lol. In the hospital, I wore the hospital gown and no underwear. When company came, I drew the blanket over me so they couldn’t see my body. Enjoy dinner.


  6. You got it kid. Yup, that’s me….long neck and mouth talking as usual. Yes, even more skin cancer here too. Take sweats or wear their gowns. I have a set of fuzzy sweats I found and JCPenney’s, and they did me fine. 🙂


  7. You’re doing all the right things! Something Gregg and I are still working on and what we aspire to. My brother-in-law just changed jobs from the East Coast to the West Coast. First morning he turned up in his usual business suit only to be greeted by the entire working staff dressed in ‘t’ shirt and jeans. He was delighted!


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