All of a sudden….

After we returned from the vet’s office, Kathy and Brother D came over and Brother D blessed me and the rosary he had given to me.  Brother D bought the rosary on one of his trips to Jerusalem. Nuns near Lourdes made it from rose petals, and it smells wonderful. That’s how the rosary got its name…the first ones were made of rose petals…Mary’s flower. Catholics pray the rosary to venerate Mary and for world peace.

I gave Joy the rosary my grandfather had given me and shared its history with her. Grandpa Francis got it at the Franciscan monestary here in Washington DC many years ago.

Brother D is a Benedictine…like Cadfael. The Benedictine Abby is just down the street from the Franciscan Abby and both are very near the Roman Catholic Basilica here in Washington.

Diana's Garden, Williamsburg VA

Diana’s Garden, Williamsburg VA

Aunt Marge and me at the Basilica, 1985

Aunt Marge and me at the Basilica in Washington DC, 1985

If the Basilica looks familiar, it is because its model is the cathedral of Saint Sophia which was constructed on the site of a temple dedicated to the Greek mother goddess, Sophia, also known as Artemis or Wisdom. Artemis has many other names, including Diana (the Roman name,and my namesake).

The Turks turned the cathedral in Istanbul into a mosque in the fifteenth century, and a museum under Kemel Ataturk. The museum is a UN World Heritage site.

Blood draw and cross on Tuesday.

13 thoughts on “All of a sudden….

  1. The core of all my prayers is that God is Love and God is all and all. A line in a favorite hymn goes” His arms encircle me and mine and all “


  2. Having caring friends like Brother D is a blessing. Like the God he worships, his love and caring don’t depend on whether one is there yet! Keeping you, David, and your surgical team in my thoughts.


  3. How exciting! We were at Hagia Sophia when we were in Istanbul. It’s a pretty darn incredible place. I’m trying to picture what the rosary must look like made of rose petals.


      • I think there are still tours going there. Art is talking about a Mediterranean Cruise which stops in Turkey. Although we’ve already been there, it will be interesting to see it again.


  4. Very interesting! We have a good friend who is a Dominican Priest in Kenya. It’s all go over here but when life settles maybe the four of us can meet up again over your way. I will be thinking of you.


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