We’re having soapsuds for dinner

The good news is, barring complications, I will be coming home on post-op day 2 or day 3 after my surgery. My hospital discourages the use of rehab/nursing facilities for three reasons:

1/no foreign germs in your home and less chance of infection,

2/therapy at home is just as good and moving around your home better;

3/ mental, being in a nursing home (even for a short stay) can depress you. So here’s to my quick mastery of stairs which should begin within 24 hours after surgery.

We learned many things in class Wednesday, I already knew some of them from having experienced David’s hip surgery.

1/ Equipment: I found a second walker (I want one upstairs and down), called a roller (with a seat); I am still looking for the appropriate second ‘raised’ toilet seat.



We  have David’s ‘hip kit’ rehab tools in a closet upstairs, but I bought additional items (cheaper if I don’t buy via the hospital).

2/ Physical Therapy: I am lining up PT for the weeks following my in-hospital and in-home therapy which are arranged by my case worker (this  onsite ‘after’ PT begins day 14).

3/ Rehab: If I am NOT among the lucky who go home after surgery (most do), I must select the names of 3 rehab facilities for case worker.

Wednesday, after the 3 hour presentations by nurses, PT folks, and dietician, we were given handouts with all the info they covered including dietary prep (to prevent constipation and build up physical strength) and instructions for preoperative exercises to build up the body for PT after surgery.

There is much material to read and memorize,and I must prepare a list of every med I take for my nurse, who will call tomorrow for pre surgery interview. More blood tests next Wednesday the day before surgery.


When David had his surgery, we installed grab bars in all bathrooms, double railings on the stairs, higher toilets (like those found in handicapped stalls) railings outside the doors, etc. This past year, I bought a new raised mattress for me (it is easier to get out of a higher bed). Even so the toilets are not quite tall enough for me as a hip surgery patient, hence the additional raised seat…which if I raise it too much may become an obstacle. Tricky tricky.

Yesterday, when I came home, I began to check out car seats, chairs in my house where I sit, etc. for height. With hip surgery, the seating area must come above my knee. So, I have been purchasing many cushions. Lots to do.


I fixed a new WW Quinoa chicken recipe today…very yummy. Then Kathy brought a dish of pasta and arugula from her kitchen to ours. She tasted my dish, but did not like because I added cilantro,which she hates because “It tastes like soapsuds,” she says.


28 thoughts on “We’re having soapsuds for dinner

  1. I so wish I were closer as I have all those things extra. What’s the wire like thing in the kit? I ended up often just sitting or exercising on our bed. Stairs were the key thing here. Three vertical flights to anywhere. It’s been hard for me ever since that ligament snapped.


  2. I am totally impressed with your preparations and the many professionals who are advising and assisting you. There’s not the half of all that on offer here.

    You gets what you pays for, that’s for sure.

    Most people here come out of hospital pretty quickly too; like you said, home is best for recovery.


  3. Wow! You are really organized and ready. Excellent! We have the higher toilets at our house but I don’t much care for them for me because I’m too short. Still, I can see why it would be very helpful for someone with weaker knees.

    Funny, my daughter really dislikes cilantro too. I love it! Soap suds?


    • My leg measures 19″ from the heel to my knee. The toilets we installed are 18″ off the floor at the seat. So, the raised toilets are perfect for me. All I am looking for now is the safety frame to place around the toilets. Found one yesterday.


  4. If you don’t recover well, it won’t be your fault! It’s all about attitude. My neighbour was off out playing bingo within 4 weeks of her hop op. The nursing staff had never seen anyone like it. She determined to be well, and she was.

    I have every faith in you.


  5. If you have your crutches already (we were given our at the Pre-op consultation) practice using them round the house so that your arm muscles are used to then by the time you have surgery. That way you discover the extra space you need for moving between furniture. Golden rule: NO bending more than 90 degrees.

    Fingers crosses here that all goes to plan and you are back to normal routine in a short space of time.


  6. I love cilantro. Walk to prevent blood clots. Sitting too much is not good. Do you have a chair with a button you can press to raise the seat for easy getting up? My MIL had one for her arthritis.


      • I like DAvid’s thinking. Sounds like you are really prepared and should be back to your usual routine very quickly. A friend had a replacement for a hip replacement last year. Only one dr in town that does that kind of surgery so she was homebound for a couple of months until he could schedule her. She did spend a few days at a rehab center just because of all the pain before the surgery, but a year later she is doing fine. Usually doesn’t even need her cane.


  7. Looks like you are very prepared. I will be sending good vibes your way on operation day. I will be down in VA Beach attending my father-in-laws last WWII reunion and then fly immediately to Germany for my niece’s wedding. I will be thinking of you throughout. I will be home again about the third week in October. Take good care of yourself and please say hi to David for me.


  8. And the countdown continues. Here is hoping you are in the category to go home to your own nest. And it appears you will have that nest retrofitted to meet your needs! Enjoy the cilantro soapsuds!


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