New friends

One lone star in the night sky..or is that a planet?   Were he up, David would tell me it’s a satellite, but I think it’s the morning star, the others having vanished over the western horizon. We’ve star-gazed together, but those 3 AM meteor showers are no longer his cup of tea. Besides, the trees are taller,blocking more sky except in winter months, and he sleeps later and later.

Joy kisses a jersey cow

Joy kisses a jersey cow

The air is colder this morning and steam rises from the boiler in the apartment building behind our house…fall is here. The low muffled sound of cars in the distance coupled with the louder throttling of planes at National Airport as they begin their morning run to New York and other East Coast cities tell me the city is awakening. Planes can no longer fly over our neighborhood, 9-11 put an end to that flight pattern.

I am up before sunrise pain driving me from my bed again. Johnny is at my side. Clare, David and the parrots are still asleep, the coffee maker has finished brewing. I will get a cup and back to my book before they begin to stir.


After instructions arrived from the hospital yesterday, I searched for and found my Durable Power of attorney and Medical Directive. Then I called my lawyer. Time to update my will I think, but not this week.  As if I wasn’t nervous enough. When I relayed my fears to Kathy, she said Brother D was returning to the US next week, and would visit me in the hospital to give me his blessing. Good I need it.

Julie wants to have lunch with David on Monday…a delayed birthday treat, so I called Arabella’s vet this morning, and got an appointment Saturday for annual physical and quarterly beak and claw trim. Providentially, Dr. Maclean is working this weekend. We will postpone the CBC until later. Every day seems so busy, time is flying by.

“Don’t forget your cushion,” says David. Three hours on a hard chairs for this ‘hip replacement’ class could make us very sore. The good news, we will meet others undergoing similar surgeries. Reminds me of the mothers I met who had babies around the same time I did. Except for Sherry, I don’t know any of them anymore.  Make new friends, but keep the old they say.

12 thoughts on “New friends

  1. Dianne, you’ll be fine.
    Stop fretting, stop wearing yourself out, you’ll need the energy for recovery.
    David will be fine too. It’s amazing how well they cope when we’re not around to do every little thing for them.

    Best of luck and take good care of yourself.


  2. Definitely true about keeping those old friends. They are gold. It is certainly natural to be a little nervous before surgery. I always am. But I know it will all turn out well and we’ll all be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Dianne.


  3. Boy do I remember those days of when we had babies at the same time ! Especially those appts. at the base ,they herded us in there like cattle.I recall one time when the nurse said ,when your name is called please bring your urine sample with you to the desk. One young woman when called sat a bag on the desk and the nurse pulled out a mason jar of pee. “You only need to bring a SAMPLE not all that you peed this morning”.. Fun times…..


  4. You’re being philosophical today. It’s good that you will be visited by a good friend who can give you his blessing. That will bring you peace and serenity, hopefully. Don’t fret, I think all will go well.


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