Slow and steady

Photo I took in French Alps, 1999

Photo I took in French Alps, 1999

Getting my household in order for next week. List includes:

1/ David – make sure he eats and takes his meds.   Kathy will be delivering meals to David.  Lots of veggies.

2/ Dogs  – David will feed them and Kathy will walk in the morning. Grooming tomorrow.

3/ Birds – David will feed, water and clean cage bottoms. Call vet for Arabella appointment for beak trim.

4/ house plants – list of instructions; Repotted the new orchid.

5/house payment and other bills – done or on auto pay.

6/ garden – sent instructions to John; spoke with bulb nursery.

7/ housework – spoke with Ines, ordered new sheets with deep pockets for new mattress.

8/ groceries – plenty of coffee, tea, dog treats

9/ teach David how to use the new microwave.

10/ rehab and PT therapy – info tomorrow in class

11/ birthday cards and prezzies for daughter and two grandchildren – on the way

12/ Christmas stuff — begun shopping

Anything else? Oh yes, get thee to the hospital on time.

ps – hospital attire -ordered new gowns.

മലയാളം: Orchids belong to orchidaceae family

മലയാളം: Orchids belong to orchidaceae family (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

17 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. You have got this! Your attention to detail is admirable. Best wishes on the surgery and recovery. Sure hope you get to take that new Mac Air with you so you can keep us updated.


  2. You are so good about all of this. I just got in the car and went. I used their gowns and refused the food. David may be spending more time at the hospital than taking care of critters. One thing. I think climbing stairs saved me. REally.


  3. You are so wonderfully organized and prepared. Lucky David! I’ll be thinking about you and keeping you in my thoughts. I’ll also be looking forward to hearing how it all went. And you’re growing orchids too? Wow!


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