My first post using Macbook.Air

Baby wolf-dog

Baby wolf-

Here goes. Painfully slow as I am used to ergonomic keyboard. Will improve over time. Today I will post a photo of my friends baby wolf dog, Starr. I will learn how to make photos larger soon, I hope.. I am so used to doing things on auto this may take a while.

One thing I like about Macbook, and there are many things to like, is that it connects with my desktop computer and grabs whatever file I want. This laptop is smarter than I am. Hopefully, I will be able to use it on my lap soon, because the kitchen chair is hard sitting. I got a gel cushion but it is so thick my feet don’t reach the floor when I sit on it. So I gave it to David. Besides, I need the kind of pillow which accommodates my coccyx, i.e., tailbone. Below a cartoon.nq130619

English: New 11.6 MacBook Air

English: New 11.6 MacBook Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


15 thoughts on “My first post using Macbook.Air

  1. I only have my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. That’s all I need for computing. I would like to justify an iPad, but I just can’t because of these two great machines that I already own and use on a daily basis. Hourly basis. Minute by minute basis. I think you get my point! Someone mentioned Apple service. Oh, yes, the Apple Genius Bar is just the best.


  2. Congrats on first outing with new baby! Here’s hoping the new laptop continues to warrant approval. I have enjoyed my MacBook Pro since purchase about spring of 2009. This year something died. I can’t remember what or cost of repair, but interaction with Apple tech support was problem free!


  3. Funny funny you. I like Gigi prefer my desktop and it’s big monitor, but I am really grateful that I had that laptop for my stay in the nursing home. 🙂

    On G’s blog, you didn’t notice nor did he point out that those stairs led right to a cement wall. Hearst castle is like that….lots of things that go no where at all.


  4. I am glad you are satisfied with your purchase. I prefer my desktop computer, because it has a 27 inch monitor and an easy keyboard to type on. But, I always take my laptop with me on my travels, because I like to blog as I go. Good luck with yours.


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