It all began with an Apple – This week has been one medical appointment after another, with my last appointment today.  However, I have been doing some technological things also, having purchased a new Apple lap top which I am in the process of learning.

Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer (1507) given by...

Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer (1507) given by Christina of Sweden to King Philip IV in 1654. taken from see also: (links no longer work, see below) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read somewhere that a treatment center for technology-addicted people had opened…in California…I think. Apparently, some folks get so hooked on their computers, games, etc. they need help. My new Apple lap top convinces me I don’t qualify for treatment yet. I never saw so many ‘apps’ in one place. Ninety percent of them will never be used by me.

David thinks I am a computer whiz. Although he reviewed computer “stuff” for the Patent and Trademark Organization (PTO) a few years back, he worked almost exclusively with hardware. Besides, he reminds me, mostly his job involved the legal end of patent application. Although he remains the hardware expert in our home, he knows I have surpassed him in understanding and using software. But I had done that before I retired. However, in my job, I worked with software associated with local networks, mainframes and other equipment, and had access to computer technicians (mostly gals). I only know enough about personal computer software to have an idea of what I don’t know. 

On the wall in one of his examining rooms, my doctor has a photograph of a little boy slapping his forehead and talking to his grandmother over the phone, trying to help her navigate something or other on her computer. For a long time, I had granddaughters close by who could navigate their smart phones and laptops as if there was nothing to it. On more than one occasion, they helped me with my phone which remains an enigma.

The other thing I have been doing this week is trying to figure out why Word Press and I have such a difficult relationship. The most recent issue has involved posting to my blog. I contacted WP and told them I was having difficulties, but as I had ‘hardwired’ the ‘publish’ button, and posted something that day, as the contact noted, I got no help. So, I accomplised getting a post out in the blogosphere, but without a title. I also cannot spell check it or load photographs.

Alfred Nobel's application for patent, regardi...

Alfred Nobel’s application for patent, regarding his percussion cap and principles for initial ignition of nitroglycerine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thus if you see silly errors in my post, forgive me. 

Okay, that’s enough moaning for one Friday, back to the lap top to read my mail.   

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  1. I have an iPad and though I was a little leery at first, after five weeks on the road I absolutely love it. Gregg had to buy a new computer after using the company one for over 21 years. When he retired he decided to buy a MacBook. He loves it too. It took me ages to agree to a laptop instead of a PC. Now I’ve had one for a couple of years I will never go back. Interesting about WordPress.


    • I’ve heard nothing but positives about Apple products. Will take me a while to get used to the keyboard, but I am hoping that WP and the Mac like each other better than my jerry-rigged desk top PC. I have MacBook Air. Looked at iPAD but thought the keyboard would be too small for me.


  2. I too don’t find WordPress amusing. Up until three days ago, I had to post the picture using their separate site. Suddenly, WordPress took my coding and all is well. I’m sure this won’t last long. LOL


  3. I have to stick to PCs because my family tech supports are all familiar with PCs only. However, I’ve heard nothing but good things from Apple and I loved using Apple at school. The great thing about you is that you’re not afraid to learn new technology. This is so weird about WordPress. I’ve been OK so far.


  4. I recently had to pay WordPress $30 via credit card to prevent their leaving ads on my blog. This amount is good for a year, after which it will automatically renew for another $30. Thus, my free blog is no longer a free blog. I’ll do this for as long as I don’t want ads on my blog.


  5. Hope you enjoy your Apple! When I retired, I was determined to get a MacBookPro laptop. Without the tech staff associated with the research lab where I worked, I knew I would spend too much time involved in computer-related frustration and teeth gnashing.

    As soon as I had saved up enough from freelancing with a local newspaper, I got my laptop and a Canon point and shoot camera. No regrets, altho occasionally weirdness occurs. But so far we have been able to resolve it through Google search or by working around it.


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