Perhaps the powers that be will let my the title of my post remain today. Perhaps not.  I find it easier to determine if I have read a post someone else has written if the post has a title. Plus titles can be catchy, as in catching readers?

The past few days, I have been arranging this, that and the other in preparation for this hip replacement surgery. Even so when I arrived at the office of my primary care physician (the guy we used to call the GP), the order for the pre-operative exam had not been transmitted. Fortunately, the GP office caught the surgeon before he left on vacation and he quickly sent the letter requesting the exam to the GP (the letter he told me he would write the same day I saw him…Monday). Also, the scheduler had dropped the ball because she told me Tues and Wed AM she was sending something to my GP.

Yes, I know they are busy and sometimes they forget, so I have taken matters into my own hands and began making arrangements for activitites i am to take prior to surgery, such as signing up for the class for all scheduled hip replacement patients. The class will cover things such as the list of facilities that handle PT for joint replacement patients. i have discovered that not all nursing homes are “good” for those needing specialized care including therapy following surgery, accidents, etc.

Most nursing homes deal with patients with memory loss or something similar. Very different setup. We discovered this the hard way when I found David in an Alzheimer’s unit the last time he had joint replacement surgery and I had him moved to a facility for PT. What an awful experience.

So, I am doing what I can to be proactive (although that word is now banned in many quarters). Planning and not letting circumstances dictate. This is the best I can do.

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  1. Good for you, Dianne! It’s great that you were able to learn from David’s problems to insure your surgery and recuperation would go more smoothly. Granted it was no fun for David, but he can be mollified knowing that you would have an easier time. I’m glad you’re being proactive in your care!


  2. One must take charge of their medical treatments. I keep telling a friend of mine this. She just goes along, blithely doing whatever she is told and not questioning anyone. I ask questions every step of the way. It’s my body. I’m in charge here. So, you just keep being proactive. It’s not a bad word.


  3. Gee, what a nightmare for your husband to be in the wrong unit for physical therapy. I hope that does not happen to you. Surgery always freaks me out. My blood pressure soared to 170/110 before my hernia surgery, and I had to take meds for BP for the first time in my life, still do.


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