English: Arlington Transit Bus taken in Fort M...

English: Arlington Transit Bus taken in Fort Myer Heights, Arlington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Generally, I wake up with the dawn throughout the year, but pain got me up a bit earlier. At least I slept 6 hours or so, better than the night before last. Sitting on one of Kathy’s hard chairs on Monday did my hip in. Siting on hard surfaces is one more thing to add to my list of things not to do. Fortunately, I see Doc Mac on Monday to discuss my situation and hopefully schedule hip surgery.

I’m not looking forward to surgery, but needs must. I am fearful of the anesthesia bit, having had a few bad reactions, but the last few experiences were much better. Cataract surgery went off without a hitch, knock on wood, although the Doc administered a sedative both times, not regular anesthesia. I see Dr. G Monday afternoon, hopefully for the last time until my next regular eye exam.


Despite my physical travails, the week has been pleasant. Sherry, an old friend, called on Monday and we had a nice long talk. I met Sherry when she was 18 and I was 21, so this friendship is old indeed. At one point, Sherry mentioned the “older lady across the street” who was 72 and it dawned (again) that she is “our age.” Goodness.

Between us, Sherry and I had six children, and several stray husbands, and divorces, crazy relatives and lawsuits involving relatives, and we both returned to college after child bearing, during the early phase of the women’s movement. Sherry became an fiber artist, and I became a sociologist, lately historian. Now we totter off into old age and compare notes.


Tuesday, I was due to visit the Thrift shop at Fort Myer.* I haven’t been on that base in 40 years, but years ago, I used the chapel, medical facility, PX, commisary, and officer’s club on a regular basis. Thus Ft. Myers, or what’s left of it after many burials at Arlington which have led to the demolishment of WWI buildings, holds many memories. My middle child attended first grade, and youngest child attended kindergarten on the post.

Owing to the hard thrift shop floor (in a quonset hut), I did not go with Brother D and Kathy, but joined them later for tea and cake with another fellow from the Abby, and neighbor Sue, a fingerprint expert with Homeland Defense. Today, Brother D leaves for Austria where he will visit his Dominican brothers.

Freer Gallery of Art

Freer Gallery of Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday, Brother D, also an artist, brought a beautiful framed phtograph of the Dominican Abby surrounded with spring flowers, which he gave me and I gave David. David loves the abby photo so he has hung it beside his bed where he can look at it before he falls asleep. Next to my bed, I have a pastel of a beautiful Japanese Pearl Diver (based on a nineteenth century print) by my graphic artist friend Kathleen. Kathleen went through a period of fiendishness regarding Japanese prints when she lived here and had access to the Smithsonian’s Asia museum and the Freer Gallery. Artists, everywhere I look artists. 

*where the guards for the tomb of the unknown  and the fellows who provide escort service and accompany the funeral cortages at the cemetery as well as their horses are housed.*




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  1. I’m so glad your cataract surgery went off without a hitch. Without the general anesthesia, you could avoid running naked down the hallways. Not that I’m really worried that you’d do that. I hope the hip surgery can go as well. Our good friend in tai-chi had it done and she’s doing great now although there was a recovery period of several months with PT.

    Old friends are definitely gold and I do treasure them. The shared history is always a strong bond. It’s wonderful that you and Sherry could have this special time together.


  2. Bravo! It takes determination to recognize and appreciate the good things when various parts hurt, are uncooperative, or both.

    And thank goodness for the advances in anesthesiology!


  3. I guess the friend I have known the longest is Lynette, who was my classmate in first grade. I still have that class photo. She treated me and David to dinner last year. Since she lives in California, I don’t see her that often. Still debating whether or not to attend my 50th high school class reunion next year.


  4. Ah, sitting. I went to bed bath and beyond where G bought me a very expensive, squishy honeycomb gel pack seat cushion. I used it before surgery, and I use it now. I took it to work yesterday for 2 hours, and it made my life heaven….except I forgot it. We went back to save it and were reminded to put my name on it. Like going off to camp.


      • Nope, BBand B has only two….two inches thick, and it really works. Put your name on it. If I remember, I will bring the name upstairs with me when I get home. 🙂


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