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This morning in my arm-chair travels along the Silk Road, I reached Samarkand, where Timur the Lame or Tamerlane is entombed in an onyx sarcophagus or is obsidian? Probably the latter. Samarkand was once part of the Persian Empire. Today it is Uzbekistan, a former member of the U.S.S.R. and a friend of the US during our recent wars in that part of the world.

I didn’t know what a sarcophagus was until I read an Agatha Christie mystery (What Mrs Macgillacuddy Saw in the US; 4:50 From Paddington in the UK) at age 19. I didn’t see a sarcophagus until I visited a couple of museums. I finally saw one in situ in England containing the Black Prince.

Joan Hickson

Joan Hickson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love the Marple story so much I have three DVD film versions of it. (Joan Hickson is in 2 of them, as the housekeeper in the Margaret Rutherfurd version, and as Miss Marple in the 1980s version.)  Call me obsessive, but when I like something, I really like it.


I completed my book chapter, but during the hectic morning, interspersed with many conversations with medical assistants about upcoming appointments regarding back and hip. The upshot is this, the back doctor and the hip doctor will discuss my case this Friday. The back guy thinks my back will be ‘much better’ 6 weeks after hip replacement surgery. I will see Dr. M (the hip guy) Sept. 9 to discuss the future .

Hearing the date, David says, “The day before my birthday.” He will be 84 this year. He fell and broke his hip the day after his 78th birthday, Sept. 10, 2007. Both his joint replacement surgeries (hip and knee) were emergency operations. Mine will not occur so rapidly. I just hope I have everything behind me by next spring.


As her car is ready for the junk yard, I promised Connie we use my car and drive together to see Joy where ever she is next summer. We hope she gets an internship on a farm in Wisconsin ( I keep promoting Holstein cattle to her). This would give me an excuse to stop in Chicago and see my cousin Susie, and visit some museums.  

Beginning next July, The Chicago Art Institute will host this exhibition:

Katsushika Hokusai’s series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku sanjurokkei) is nearly as celebrated as the mountain it depicts, especially the print commonly known as “The Great Wave.” Begun in 1830 when the artist was 70 years old, this tour-de-force established landscape as a popular print genre. The series is also noteworthy in its abundant use of the then newly affordable Berlin blue pigment. Its even finish and high-tinting strength can be found in the prints’ large swaths of sky and water.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The Great Wave off Kanagawa ( Wikipedia)

I am mad about Japanese prints and these are beautiful. K, a printmaker friend of mine collected Japanese woodblock prints, so I have actually held one or two of them in my hands, although her prints were mostly early 20th century prints. So, a trip to a couple of museums important. I have also promised my son in San Diego, I would visit he and his family October 2014.


I am planning to survive this hip thing, although major surgery scares the bejeezes out of me. Besides, under the influence of opiates, I do bizarre things, like run up and down the halls of the hospital in my birthday suit. From reading various literature on seniors, I understand they can behave in a very demented way when drugged.  I don’t want to wake up taped to my bed. That would give me a heart attack.


11 thoughts on “This and that and here and there

  1. Maybe I should reread her. She might be just what I need.
    Loose as much weight as you can before the surgery. That’s my one very expert piece of information pre surgery.

    Yes, mam, I am chomping at the bit to get going….then I doze off. LOL


  2. So you’re going ahead with hip replacement? I’ve heard only good things about it — lots of physical therapy to get back in shape, but well worth the effort. I’m an Agatha Christie fan, too, but always preferred Hercule Poirot over Miss Marple.


    • Poirot? It must be a guy thing. When I was younger, Agatha was writing the Marple books. Thanks for the encouragement about the hip. Having nursed David through this process, I think the physical therapy is the thing I hate the most.


  3. Too bad you have problems with your back and hips. The knees, too? Aren’t there sarcophaguses in Westminster Abbey in London? I thought I saw several of some kings long past.


  4. You have quite a lineup of activities for the next 12 months or so. Best wishes that the two surgeries will make travel, museum visits and and daily life more pleasant. i admired Miss Marple, even while I was no where near elder age. As a young adult I also enjoyed the fictional exploits of Mrs. Pollifax, a courageous, creative elder who was also a CIA courier.


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