Woman’s best friend (update 8/22)

No doubt about it. My dog is my best friend. David doesn’t mind, his dog is his best friend.

“She slept on my head again last night” he tells me before I have had my morning coffee. Like I am supposed to believe those blonde hairs came from a dog.

“She hasn’t done that in a while.”

Meanwhile Johnny sleeps in his crate next to my bed, his cozy den from the time he was a puppy. I have increased the size of course. He only weighed about 1 lb when I got him. He’s up to 7 lbs today. Needs must.off-the-leash-1


The cataract surgery is complete and I can see clearly now, wrinkles, dust, wicked growths in unusual places. Meanwhile, I take the drops, 15 of them per day. One is an NSAID, for pain. I am feeling no pain although I was on Day 1. Doc G tells me I have perfect vision in eye #1 and eye #2 looks perfect. Everything is perfect in his world. He says I will only need a small prescription for distance when I return in two weeks. This is good news for me as I am very tired of the expensive progressive lenses.

I’ve slept pretty well the past few nights, the larger gel pillow between my knees helps. However, my knee fell off the pillow this morning and hurt like crazy. An X-ray tells me that where Doc M removed the torn meniscus a stalactite has developed. Funny looking. the remainder of the meniscus is nice and thick, but the area with missing material is now bone on bone. Even so, the hip is worse.

I walked Johnny this morning. First time is several days. I ran into Mel’s children clearing out his old house. We’re having a yard sell this weekend, his daughter the social worker tells me. 

I miss the cool unusual weather of last week. Today is muggy and feels normal outside. The tomato plant loves it and has produced a few more fruits. Black bean tostados topped with guacamole, lettuce and tomato in our future I think.  Today its chicken fried rice. I can see clearly now.

These are the drugs I am taking for the cataract surgery:

1/ Prednisone – an immunosuppressant to keep my eye from rejecting the new lens;

2/ Gatifloxin – an antibacterial to reduce chances of infection;

3/ a NSAID for pain.   

7 thoughts on “Woman’s best friend (update 8/22)

  1. Glad to hear your surgeries went well and you can see again. I have an elderly friend (86) who just had cataract surgery in both eyes. She sees so well now that she passed her driving exam sans glasses and only needs a pair of readers to do close work. The wonders of modern medicine!


  2. Hi Diane, glad you’re cataract surgery is heading in the right direction. Loved hearing about your dogs, I am a big dog lover even though we do not have one right now. I have a friend with a Cairn Terrier called Hamish, he is my pal especially when I give him ear scratches and tummy rubs. I am having a knee problem that I think I will have to get checked out when we return home. Sorry to hear aout yours. Thanks for stopping by again, I enjoyed reading your comment about Santa Fe very much.


  3. Oh, No, are you going to take up cooking now that you can see? Driving? As an artist, I think you will find that all the colors are much brighter now. 🙂


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