Mouse finger

Tim and boys - Zoo

Photo shows David’s son and grandsons, years ago, at the National Zoo with another kind motorcycle cop.

I mentioned Adam the motorcycle policeman in a post I wrote a few weeks ago. Adam, whose regular duties include keeping the peace downtown and escorting various dignitaries (like Mr. Obama) around town, spends most days issuing parking tickets to out-of-county cars or local cars with expired tags and county decals here in Arlington VA. (Our county has a problem with folks from other jurisdictions parking on our narrow urban streets and catching a taxi or bus downtown. Adam insures this practice is suppressed.)

One day, David spotted Adam writing a ticket for his beloved little red sports car, parked on the street with expired decals, and rushed outside to ask him to desist in writing a ticket. As David is somewhat handicapped (and has the sticker to prove it), he didn’t exactly rush. It was more like a shuffling stumbling tottering walk towards Adam.

Adam took pity on him I think, because he tore up the ticket and asked David if he could take the car to an inspection station for him. David was so touched, he called Adam later and asked him if he would like the car. To cut this story a bit because I have already told it once, a few days later, Adam accompanied by his beautiful wife, came and took the car away. These days, Adam stops by to check on David and give him an update on the car. Adam is always in uniform (a handsome fellow) and I tease David that the neighbors probably think we have been arguing and one of us called the cops.

This week David received several checks from the county (refunds for parking ticket expenses). David refused to take any money for the car when he gave it to Adam, and we suspect Adam has been reviewing the county records and made arrangements for the removal of the tickets from David’s record. We also suspect he made arrangements for refunding the money David spent on parking tickets all those years.


I now have mouse finger. Yes, folks that’s mouse finger. It’s official, the osteoarthritis has reached my forefinger…the one I use for point and click on the mouse. I can’t blame the mouse for everything, I use this finger for crocheting and pointing.

What is osteoarthritis? Some link it to age and there is certainly a genetic component. Also sports injuries can bring it on. Years ago, I used this finger to play baseball. So, it’s probably a sports injury. Surprisingly, I don’t have arthritis in the pinkie I broke while horseback riding. No, riding didn’t break it. Falling off the horse several times broke it.

So why doesn’t my pinkie hurt? Better not talk about it, or pinkie will get ideas and start clamoring for attention.       

18 thoughts on “Mouse finger

  1. Fun story about David. I’ve tried using my other hand on the mouse — doesn’t work for me very well. But maybe you’re more coordinated than I am. Have you tried a touch screen?


  2. Hi there just had to come back and tell you how much I enjoyed your comments on my blog today, as did Gregg. Thanks so much! We are spending the night in Williams, Arizona tonight. On to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.


  3. Hattie mentioned that what she does is use her left hand for the mouse because her right hand (shoulder?) was hurting her. I do it every so often now to give one side a break. I’m so sorry for your pain, Dianne. My mother-in-law had severe rheumatoid arthritis and it was awful. I love your story about Adam. It’s so beautiful.


  4. That is a great photo and loved this post about David’s experience. So nice to hear something positive about our boys and girls in blue, shows a big heart in both the police officer and David. Sorry to hear about your osteoarthritis. it sounds very painful!

    Yes we are slowing down on our journey. Feeling very tired this evening after spending the day in Santa Fe. We think it may have something to do with altitude along with the traveling, so for the last couple of nights have stopped early.

    P.s talking about birding, I saw my first hummingbird in two years today. It was such a thrill to see that little bird sit on a branch not too far away. I hope to get more sightings and better photos in the following days.


    • Yes, the osteoarthritis is very painful. No cartiledge left in my right hip…yuck. Happy to hear you are taking things more slowly. No point in driving your self nuts. Reminds me of the old film, “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium.” Take time to smell the flowers. Good luck with your birding.


  5. OK dear you. I have the new blog up and running. Perhaps this is progress. At least I figured out how to make a blogroll…elementry my dear you. I have also walked across the room without a walker and without feeling my thigh would fall off. We have progress here. By the time you get here, you should be able to climb the stairs to the living room. Hurrah!!


  6. That’s still a heartwarming story. My arthritis is starting to get serious in left hip and knee but thankfully the fingers only flare up moderately on occasion.


  7. Loved the photo and the update on Adam. it is evident that both Adam and David are special guys. I sympathize with David’s version of the verb “run.” I still say “I’ll just run to the kitchen” or wherever. But post-stroke, I don’t run. My walking is not quite as agonizingly slow as it was a year ago, though.


  8. It’s too bad you have osteoarthritis, but be grateful that you don’t have rheumatoid arthritis, which is far worse, believe me. I know a realtor/broker who has RA and often cannot even get out of bed, because she hurts so much. I think arthritis is hereditary. My husband inherited it from his mother, whereas I and my parents have never suffered from it.


    • Too bad about David. Rhumatoid arthritis inflames the joints, Osteoarthritis destroys the cartiledge. Neither is very pleasant. My mother died before arthritis crippled her. My Aunt Audrey was in a wheel chair before she died.


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