Thursday Bits and Bobs

Now that I am blogging fewer days per week, I seem to have more time to think of blog ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of them. I suppose that’s one of the hazards of aging. What entered your head a minute, hour or day ago evaporates. I read that if you remember the thing you forgot later you are not becoming senile. But how do you know if you remember something later?


For those who wondered if I would ever get those cookies made the answer is below.cookie 030

The reason they look so rugged is the coconut was flaked, not shredded. The recipe calls for only one tablespoon of whole wheat flour and it includes egg yolks, unlike the usual macaroon recipe which uses egg whites. They are healthy cookies, taste good, loaded with protein, and not too sweet. For those in WW each cookie counts one point.

I use The Low-Carb Comfort Food Cookbookbecause it contains high protein-low carb ideas. Each recipe, developed by a nutritionist, has a great glycemic index.  Many of these kitchen tested recipes use Splenda sugar substitute. The cheesecake recipe is excellent. I don’t make it often because it is so good we eat it in a day or two. If you are afraid of Splenda, you could probably use another substitute, but you will have to test it, and a substitute might mess up the glycemic index.   


I spoke with my son who works for the Navy and he says the furloughs resulting from the sequester did not affect him much. This is good news indeed. Furthermore, he has invited me to visit him and his family in CA next year. I told him I would work the visit around my potentially portending hip surgery. I see my bone guy in early September…well actually, I see both the back and hip guys. Gotta get my back in shape for the operation on my hip.   


I had something else to write this morning, but it has temporarily left my head. Wonder if I will remember it later? If so,will I remember that I thought of it earlier before I forgot it? Growing older is interesting.


Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday of next week I have eye appointments (cataract surgery #2) so if I am away from blogging for a day or two, be assured, like the inimitable Douglas A. MacArthur, I will return. 


16 thoughts on “Thursday Bits and Bobs

  1. You wouldn’t believe the little scraps of paper that I have piled on my desk. They are the snippets of ideas that I’ve thought of for blog entries but know I would have forgotten if I hadn’t written them down. That is one of the most frustrating things I know … to lose a good idea and just not be able to retrieve it. I’ll bet it happens to the younger folks too.


  2. Oh yummy! The cookies look very tasty, Dianne. And they’re healthy? Fabulous! My memory is failing or should I say deteriorating. I don’t remember later either. Not good. I’m sorry about the surgery in your future. However, once it’s over it’ll be great and it will be wonderful to visit your son. Yae!


  3. Good luck with the surgery. My wife had it done last year, and it turned out very well. Of course, having already had one, you know what to expect.

    The problem of remembering blog post ideas has been solved here by a simple process. I make a note of each and put it on a special pile. The pile now is about three inches deep. Unfortunately, I seldom can remember what’s in it.


  4. Coconut. Yum!
    Good wishes sent your way for your 2nd cataract surgery. My husband had his done and is thrilled with his improved vision.
    Hip surgery! It’s amazing the things they can do now. Hope you can make the trip to California to visit your son.


  5. Cookies look good. Hope your eye operation goes well (I hear nothing but good things abt. cataract surgery). And … I sure am glad you started blogging again. Will await your return.


  6. Growing older isn’t always interesting. Did I say that.

    Dip those cookies in melted chocolate. Now that’s a cookie. LOL

    I found that the back pain, the knee pain, the ankle pain, they have all vanished with the hip surgery. I’m not real good at this walking stuff yet, but the food is sure good at this nursing home.


  7. Those cookies look great. I probably would inhale all of them at once. Yeah, cookies are my nemesis. Lol. My memory is selective. I have no trouble remembering phone numbers, but I find memorizing hula choreography difficult. Wonder why.


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