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dianne-denise-007-aWhen Glenda (Gigihawaii), Denise (An English Girl Rambles) and I got to gether for lunch last week, one topic of conversation was, “Were you surprised when you began to blog and discovered the whole world could see your posts?”

Yes, I was surprised. I began blogging as a course related project (History of the American Corporation). Each of us gave the professor our blog address, she assembled them, and instructed us to respond to each other’s posts and comments every week. Our posts counted 30 percent of our grade. 

Each post was our own review of the week’s assigned reading. For example, one week we read a book on Henry Ford.Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress, by Douglas Brinkley. Other weeks we read other books, all covering the beginning and expansion of the American Corporation from the colonial days to WWII.

Often, I interjected personal anecdotes into my reviews. One week when we were discussing a book about small businesses, some of which grew into large concerns like Bell, Corning, or Ford, vertical integration of processes, and Chandler’s theory concerning the rise of the managerial class, I mentioned my Dad’s furniture plant in Sylvia North Carolina, which went bust in the 1960s and led to his joining another larger firm as their purchasing agent.

One day, I was startled to find a response from a fellow I did not know, and who was not in my class, but who had a good deal to say about the lumber business. We carried on a conversation, however.

After the class ended, I abandoned the blog for a couple of years, and then one day on a whim, I began blogging again. I don’t know why I did either. I mean who can remember the exact moment when one decides to become a blogger and put everything out there for the whole world? The whole world doesn’t see your blog of course (even if they could). Most people are too busy with their own lives and with millions of people blogging, no one could read everything. So, I don’t worry about who sees my blog. I figure I am a minnow or even something smaller in the big wide world of bloggers.  So what do you think?    

27 thoughts on “Blogging amoung friends

  1. I have been blogging since November 2007 when I was told that if I was planning to leave teaching, I needed a better online presence. At that point in time, should you Google my name, there were three entries. Now, there are pages.

    As for meeting other bloggers, I’ve only met a handful. I have a tiny audience, usually 50 views a day, and very few comments. I have never understood the comment thing. I read some blogs that are just terrible, but I must be the only one in the world who thinks so because they get 100s of comments. I don’t understand why some people will comment on some blogs and not others. I comment here and there, but am not a regular commenter. Perhaps that’s why I get so few comments.

    Oh well, as you said, we are but winnows.


  2. I began blogging in September 2006 as a favour to my daughter, Elly. I had three weeks to open a blog, write a post and then make and publish a podcast. At the end of that month Elly was giving a talk on ‘modern technology for the elderly’ and I was the guinea pig! Since then I have met about 400 bloggers. A few have come to stay with me in my home, while others meet up with me on a regular basis throughout the year.


  3. Damn, I had a really long reply and then it said :you’re commenting too quickly, slow down. Eh?
    It took me ages to write the comment.

    Here’s a bit of it:

    I cannot recall why I started blogging, I like writing, I suppose.
    I’ve met many bloggers, we had a big lunch at a pub where all those within a 50-60 mile radius turned up. We used to belong to a private group which has since folded.


  4. Glenda has brought together several bloggers at her home and I loved meeting the others. It made it even more fun to comment on their blogs and to hear their reactions to my posts. As for blogging security though, it is still a worry for me. My family is very leery of me putting out too much information. I think I’m of the mind that I might be a minnow, but there are larger and more malevolent fishes out there who could easily take a bite out of me. It’s nice to be cautious.


  5. Blogging began for me as a way to keep a check on weight loss management – many of the ‘girls’ in the group we doing the same and we felt if it was recorded it would happen – not the way it really happens in real life unfortunately lol
    Anyway I felt restricted with just that subject and as I was the one in the back row at school who didn’t stop talking the focus of the blog turned elsewhere. Changed the name a couple of times and then when blogger decided to ‘disown’ me I moved to W/Press and have been there a year now.
    I am often surprised when I get comments (and followings) from bloggers whom I have no contact with – so it can be a bit unsettling at times knowing that with a poblic blog every man and his dog can read what you’ve written. If they enjoy it – so be it -we all have a place in this world.
    Take care


  6. We have met a flock….can I remember how many? No, but it was fun. Three that visit to DC.

    I started a journal in 74, and I moved it to Open Diary in the early ’80’s. That’s what is called a hive site. Only those who write there can read there. I didn’t know that. OD slowly began to biodegrade, and I created a mirror blog at Blogger in 2007 out of frustration. Now that OD has continued its downward slide, many of the denizens there are moving to another mom and pop site called Prosebox. It pays to keep your blog somewhere that won’t collapse on you no matter what you want to say.

    This is a good topic for tomorrow. 🙂


  7. I agree, Dianne. And if you are a minnow, I am probably some one-celled critter floating around in a blog puddle. That’s okay with me. I’m a happy cell.


  8. In 1997, I joined a chat room called City Pub. I used my real name, Glenda, but nobody paid attention to me, so I changed my name to gigi-hawaii. Immediately, I got feedback from guys who thought I was a 19 year old babe dressed in a bikini. It was hilarious. A few years later, I quit the chat room for lack of interest and my nickname was dormant. On November 20, 2006, I opened my blog, gigi-hawaii, and have been going strong ever since. Meeting fellow bloggers is a lot of fun. Next year, who knows?


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