Cookie Caper gone wrong

The sobriquet ‘try try again’ is apt around here.

Thursday, after failing to assemble the correct ingredients for Dr. Eades recipe for high protein coconut macaroons (ever patient David rushed to the local Giant to find almond meal at the last minute, but the store had none), I attempted to modify a spritz cookie recipe to meet my dietary needs.  I began by using artificial sweetener, lo-fat butter and lo-fat cream cheese and flour from the dark ages (expired a year ago), and ended up with two blobs of what appeared to be Krazy Putty. I chucked the lot in the trash and asked David who was in the Giant to bring home more butter and a new bag of flour, plus the vital wheat gluten flour for the macaroons he had located. I then proceeded to order almond meal from Amazon. I could have sent David to Trader Joe’s for some of the less common items, but he said he was piffilated.

So, I will attempt the macaroons again tomorrow. The moral of the story is 1/ always make sure you have all your ingredients; 2/ your ingredients are current (not expired); and 3/ be prepared for failure if you try switching ingredients.  Cooking is like anything else worth knowing in life, try try again, or experience is the best teacher.


Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frustrated by my foray into cooking, I began reading my latest acquisition, Dilip Hiro’s  Inside Central Asia: A Political and Cultural History of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Iran.

Hiro’s book is fascinating as it takes me beyond Christopher Beckwith’s Empires of the Silk Road: A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present which I finished this week, following Nasr Vali’s The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat, and Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan. Next upDilip Hiro’s After Empire…maybe. I have several others also lined up for reading. Too many books, too little time.

Sometimes. I read sections of these books aloud to David, especially if they involve the USSR and WWI. (His father traveled through this region following WWI and the Revolution.)  

 The combination of my new Kindle White and cataract surgery has me on a roll. Plus these books are as readable to me today as Agatha Christie was when I was a teenager. I blame her for my interest in Asia. Or maybe it was the comic book about Uncle Scrooge McDuck in Egypt?  Who knows where childhood interests begin?  I know the graduate history class I took on the USSR peaked my interest. 

All I need now is some cookies and milk.


22 thoughts on “Cookie Caper gone wrong

  1. Yes, double rails on all but the garage stairs and the front door stairs. LOL
    Good for you about the doc appointments. Loosing weight is the most important thing you can do. The new hip is on the lymphadema leg here, and the incision is much larger than expected. I’m really getting out into theh world and marching about tho. You would be very proud of me.

    Visits? Why can’t you do both?


  2. Go buy the cookies or leave them for a day when you don’t have important books to read.

    So much to do, so little time, but keep trying.
    I know what you mean about e-reading. Since I have started reading on my IPad I haven’t looked back. When reading is a pleasure again it’s hard to stop.


  3. Good morning friend. It was delightful to see you both in pink at dinner. Made me grin. No cookies here tho. I am so OD’d on special diets, on special foods made with special anythings that I’m reverting to comfort foods. Words? I’m reduced to muttering and feeling very non-creative. Perhaps I am vegitative through left over pain pills. The great G is off to the grocery store, and I am thinking about going down a flight and cleaning up some of my messes. Boy I am a slob.


  4. Once when I was making banana bread I used peanut butter rather than the oil called for as I didn’t have any. It was a huge success. Now I always use peanut butter. Sometimes winging it works out.


  5. Hi Dianne, it was lovely meeting you and David, along with Gigi and her David. What a great time we all had.. Gregg has been telling his Dad some of David’s stories today. We both had fun listening to them.

    I have had my failures in the kitchen. It’s a learning experience.

    The books you’ve been reading sound fascinating and just the type of read we enjoy. I’m going to pass this on to Gregg. We both like reading passages that we find of interest to each other.

    Have a great weekend, our best to you and also please give our regards to David also.


      • Can you save it as a jpg. When I get stuck, I let adobe save it however it wants to, then I reopen it in adobe and save the second time around as a jpg. Did that help?


  6. Oh nuts! I wrote a long comment and it plumb disappeared. Arrrghhh!

    I mentioned how I loved your wonderful word “piffilated.” It’s such a wonderfully descriptive word.

    I have a neighbor that I go to when I’m short an egg or two which is great. OK… Here I go. I’m going to try posting again. Holding my breath….


  7. Piffilated? I love it! Or was it pifilated? Too funny! I have often found myself without the proper ingredients and have had to go next door to beg for the needed items. I love having neighbors I can beg an egg off of. I don’t think they mind since they are also often the recipients of whatever we’re making.


  8. I agree with Al. Even though I missed my much anticipated vicarious enjoyment of the macaroons, I did savor chuckles sparked by Krazy Putty and a piffiilated David.


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