I debated whether to write a post today, but as we are having lunch with Glenda and David Hinchy (she of Gigihawaii fame) tomorrow and I can only do one thing per day and get all my other chores plus some reading in I thought I would write something today (I won’t tomorrow).


Meanwhile to help me out, Dory, my redbelly parrot walked over the key board.


I ordered coconut from Amazon, but when the box arrived I noticed 1/ I had purchased enough coconut to open an outlet, and 2/ the coconut was flaked not shredded. Thus, I have tried 1/ feeding coconut to the parrots and 2/ shredded some this morning to make coconut macaroons. This will be my big project today.

Macaroons in detail.

Macaroons in detail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you might ask, how if I am on a diet, how can I eat a coconut macaroon? The recipe comes from my lovely cookbook,  The Low-Carb Comfort Food Cookbook by Michael and Mary Dan Eades. By now I have tried about half of the recipes. They are very good for you and tasty too. If you haven’t discovered the power of eating protein in non- red meat form, and you are trying to lose weight, try it.

Yes, I am still working the Weight Watchers plan. I entered the recipe in the WW software (available on the WW site) and calculated the points for each macaroon (one macaroon = a point). The good news is I get protein in the cookie and this improves my glycemic index (protein to carbs).  I do this calculation with everything I eat and as long as I stay within my WW point limit, I am okay. Meanwhile, I am getting a balanced diet because I indicate the composition of my intake each day in the WW tracking tool.

I’ve made a point of learning everything I could about diet and nutrition ever since the nuns in first grade taught us about eating food from the basic categories, brushing our teeth and other important things some parents forget to share.

I’m sure my Aunt Marge also played a role as she taught me many things. She held a M.S. in Health and Nutrition, as well as a M. A. in physical education (both from U Michigan). She taught high school health and PE in Manitowoc and Sheboygan WI for over 30 years. I know she is looking over my shoulder each day to check up on me and she knows I love cookies.    

11 thoughts on “Cookie

  1. I just about drooled over that picture of the macaroons. They were always my favorite dessert until I had to go on this crazy SIBO diet …so thanks for the vicarious thrill !


  2. Gosh! I haven’t had a coconut macaroon in such a long time. I remember having them in Illinois because I had some lovely Jewish friends that ate them during Passover. It brings back wonderful memories.


  3. Thank you for reminding me that WW does work – it did for me a while ago …….’crept I’ve lost my mojo (and gained a few kilos ) :(. Looks like I’ll have to get the books out again !
    Take care


  4. Nah, coconut macaroons can’t possibly be good for you, and look so delicious. Oh, I want some. I may have to get that cookbook. Of course, it wouldn’t likely result in kitchen activity. I love cookbooks, but for decades they have been in the fantasy category for me! Enjoy your lunch and time together tomorrow!


  5. I wonder if she taught my cousins there. Yeah, lunch can be six cookies. LOLOLOL Good alcoholic thinking.

    Color…is it much bettere? Go have fun with Gigi and hub then report back. Lots of pictures please and hugs too the piker. I miss you both.


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