All Should be Well

Italian souprecipe Italian bean soupCataract surgery on my right eye was successful. Today I had the first post-op appointment and could read the tiniest type on Dr. G’s card. I scheduled surgery for eye #2 in two weeks. so here’s to everyone who told me I would love the results. I can now see white from my right eye…true white that is.  Hopefully, the left eye will be as successful. Don’t you love it when the doctor says, “perfect” after he examines your recent surgery or whatever.

Today my back is giving me fits. Lying on the gurney for eye surgery, I felt no pain owing to the intravenous sedative. I’d like to take that stuff again and feel no pain. A major muscle in my back (left side) hurts like crazy. I think I am walking lopsided to ease weight on my right hip, which is beyond help. My master plan is to have cataract surgery completed before I schedule hip replacement which is inevitable.  I am currently reading Mage’s blog Postcards to follow her experiences with hip replacement surgery.


My new books on Vietnamese cookery came today. Even if I never become a master chef, it will be nice to understand the different flavors and ingredients found in the various Asian dishes. Meantime, last night when grand-daughter Joy came to visit with her mom, we ordered take-out from the Bangkok Thai restaurant up the street.

I think the ‘stir-fry’ recipes I found and used from the Weight Watchers site were weird because the authors mixed and matched spices and herbs from several cuisines. This probably works if you know what you are doing, but I don’t think some of them did. I found several recipes for stir-fry on the WW site, all different, some too spicy, some too bland. So far, I got the best recipe for stir fry from the Diabetes Cooking mag.  

I also discovered that Amazon carries many of the organic ingredients I used to buy at our local organic market. I ordered some of them along with a new OXO Good Grips cookie press. Good old Amazon.


Speaking of Amazon, I spotted two articles about Amazon in the news in the past few days. By now everyone knows Jeff Bezos billionaire founder of Amazon bought The Washington Post.

The other article concerned the problems Amazon is having in Europe with local labor unions who are far more demanding than those in the US.  Too bad because like Wal-Mart (recently obstructed in ultra left Washington DC), Amazon benefits a broad segment of the population owing to its offer of available jobs as well as reasonable prices and shipping practices, to say nothing of the trade in used items like text books.  If the labor unions get their way many Europeans won’t have access to their jobs, products or services. 

When Amazon first started I was an early reviewer of books, films, etc. and at one point worked my way to position #11 among all Amazon reviewers. I stopped doing reviews for Amazon over 10 years ago. The last time I looked I had floated down to a position in the top 50 and after that became a classic reviewer.

I simply grew bored with the cutthroat practices of some of the reviewers. These days, Amazon runs a tight ship and you must be a bona fide purchaser to write a review or comment on a review. I was always a bona fide purchaser of anything I reviewed, but apparently, this was not the case for some, which made the whole activity unpleasant.

To thank us reviewers for our efforts, from time to time, Bezos  sent a gift of a DVD with a thankyou note attached. For example, I received Braveheart, around the time it was a big hit, although I would have preferred Sleepless in Seattle.

As for the Post, I hope it continues as the paper that excelled under the Grahams who owned it for most of my lifetime. As Bezos is a successful businessman it should be okay.     


17 thoughts on “All Should be Well

  1. I’m so glad the surgery went so well, but sorry that you’re experiencing that back pain. That’s awful. I’m really glad these surgeries are available for the time when I might need them.
    I can just imagine what an excellent reviewer you would be with your incredible background credentials.


  2. Colors…everyone tells me how much brighter the colors are too. 🙂

    Today on the 13th day, I seem to have twice the energy of anyone else here. Sitting around for so very long before surgery has made my legs weak….not good. I’m building up strength a bit every day. We should be able to go for a walk next time we see each other. Yes, weight makes a difference.


    • Yes, the colors are brighter. I had no idea I was living in such a dull world. That’s why I scheduled surgery on left eye for 8/19. I am ready to ‘see’ the living colors again. I am following your progress intently. Trying to lose a few more pounds before inevitable hip surgery.


  3. Congratulations on your successful surgery. May the other eye be done as successfully.

    Amazon is in bad odour in Europe because they don’t pay their taxes. That may be good business practice from where you stand but it’s considered a disgrace over here. Profits made in an individual country should be taxed according to that country’s laws. (Contrary to some, I still buy books from Amazon, the tax issue not withstanding)

    I hadn’t heard anything about labour related problems. How very different and selective news dissemination is in different parts of the world.


    • I listen to a business network, and they tend to report on labor issues as well as other issues associated with business.

      I had not heard about the tax issue in Europe. A number of the multinational companies have sited their headquarters in locations that let them operate almost tax free. I think Amazon is headquartered in Seattle. In the US Amazon must collect state taxes in every state where it has physical operations.


  4. So glad to hear all went well – nobody but you experiences the change and no matter what others say it’s your experience that counts!
    I had mine done a month apart – specialist wanted the first to be almost healed before he’d do the other. Don’t you notice the difference – tell you what I did notice and that was the wrinkles I didn’t know I hadl lol. I had to take the glass out of the ‘good’ side of my spectacles to even up my sight. It was confusing with the prescription lens there – difficult with the specs on and just as bad with them off
    Good luck with the second one
    Take care


  5. I too am glad to hear that your cataract surgery was successful. I’ve known many people who’ve had the procedure, and they’ve all been amazed at the results. I know two people who’ve had new hips put in. Both replacements were worked out well, but not before long physical-therapy-involved recoveries. Hopefully you won’t really need it. Anyway … looks like good soup!


  6. Yea! Glad it went well. It’s an awesome procedure. When I went in for my second one I had a terrible migraine. The nurse said “I’ll fix that right up.” Since I was already hooked up, she gave me something intravenously that knocked it right out. I asked her if I could go home with a bottle of it but she said no.


  7. Great to hear the surgery was so successful. Fingers crossed for the other one.
    I had both eyes done six months apart a few years ago. I noticed as had my brother and mother before me that the change after the second eye did not seem as marked as the first. I think the reason for this is because you are living with a double blur for so long that the first operation is very marked with the eye seeing so clearly. By the time the second cataract is replaced you are used to the one clear eye and now only clearing the vision in one eye, so the change is not as obvious.

    Enjoy the new view on life!


    • I have been closing one eye and covering it and then looking through the other eye and can see a marked difference. For one thing everything is brighter through the ‘new’ eye. Hopefully, although the second surgery may not produce as vivid a change, it will improve things however imperceptively.


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