A Short Post

I forgot to add one more photo to yesterday’s post, or perhaps two depending on how willing Word Press and my computer, which is half the problem, allow.cathedral2013 025 Below, David checks tea items to see if any of them include fried rice.cathedral2013 001

This is where he would rather be.


Today, I am cooking more stir fry, a seafood veggie mix over brown rice. No photos of these meals. I can either cook or take photographs. Besides, my food is not as glamorous as some, although it is palatable.

David must think I have gone stir fry mad, but our friend Mary told us about the Thai market up the street and I have gone a little overboard buying all kinds of exotic ingredients. I suspect my current good read about the Silk Road has been part of the inspiration. Yes, I am on a Eurasia kick. 

I promised David I will cook other things, but I generally dislike vegetables, and stir-fried veggies are very good.

Before I married David, I made all kinds of ‘foreign’ dishes (some of my pals were also a gourmand, and I was trying to keep up) but he is a meat and potato kind of guy.  After years of working outside the home, too many take-out meals, and tossing a roast in the oven on Sundays, I am trying to recover atrophied skills.

My interest in foreign dishes began years ago with homemade  Tex-Mex Chili, and other Mexican dishes  (one of my girl friends from Chicago was Mexican origin and her mother showed me how to make tortillas before they were sold in American supermarkets); homemade pizzas, and Italian dishes like lasagna most of us think of today as “American”; and various Latin American dishes like Argentine empanadas I learned how to make from a classmate. 

Over time, I attended several local folk festivals on the Mall and became interested in Greek cuisine. I learned how to cook Baklava and Spanakopita. I am crazy about pomegranate seeds (I blame Persephone). 

In the mid-sixties, we moved to Hawaii and I learned how to make Portuguese Sweet Bread and malasadas. My various Jewish friends like Frank taught me how to make some of their dishes. I love potato latkes (my mom used to make them). Portuguese sweet bread and Challah bread are very much alike and I am sure there is a historical connection.

I bought many cookbooks over the years, and many of them probably ended up in Mage’s Thrift Shop. Today I watch cooking shows. And, I just ordered 3 more books on Chinese cooking. Lately, I have begun to learn more about Asian dishes, thanks to friends in the blogosphere like Kay’s Musings.

I am so happy David has decided to enjoy Asian food. I have dragged him to Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and other local restaurants and he is finally persuaded this food is almost as good as roast beef and potatoes…as long as it’s rice pudding or shrimp fried rice…his new favorites). Today’s dish…a seafood medly with mixed vegetables over brown rice I got from the Weight Watchers site.   

15 thoughts on “A Short Post

  1. Your seafood medley with veggies and brown rice sounds just like what we would eat. What? You know how to make Portuguese sweet bread? That is fabulous! Lucky David that you are such a creative cook!


  2. Oh, this is all really inspiring. you wouln’t believe how bad the food is here. Captain Poolie is bringing Asian vegan here for us for dinner,. A Note of food sanity here.


  3. I love fusion food where they mix two countries together. I had sweet and sour collards which was like southern and asian mixed, it was wonderful.Too bad I live so far away ,I love to cook we could have” cooking bees “instead of quilting.


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