A Little Knowledge

 I can tell the dog days of summer have arrived because everyone, including the US Congress, which is approving all Mr Obama’s appointees, is tuckered out. Secondly, the Afghans are only asking for a cool $70 million to let us take our equipment home. The cash will end up in war lord bank accounts in Dubai. 

Local art
Local art

 Shipped back to the US, the equipment will either be junked or end up in  surplus outlets. The Afghans who ‘helped’ the US say they will continue their struggle after US personnel leave and they need the equipment. The $70 million is a peanut request compared with the $340 million per month USAID spent in 2010 while the US was ‘helping’ the Afghans (most of this went into private accounts in Dubai). This latter figure from a book I am reading Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan by Rajiv Chandraskaran.  Seems the US attempt to help Afghanistan began at the end of WWII when the British pulled out, and escalated under Obama. I think that’s long enough don’t you?

Chandraskaran describes a futile effort on the part of many good people to help a country undergoing difficulties largely caused by evil people who come in many forms.  This is a good book and I recommend it for enlightening summer reading.


I learned a new medical term on my six-month dental checkup yesterday. I have a small bump on the inside of my mouth that has annoyed me for some time. Although it was not suppurating, I feared it was another cyst, and I asked the doc what it was and what could I do about it. He said it was harmless, merely a osteoma or benign tumor. Wiki says: 

When a bone tumor grows on other bone it is known as “homoplastic osteoma”; when it grows on other tissue it is called “heteroplastic osteoma”.

Dr. Levine says he has a patient who had a osteoma the size of a golf ball in the roof of her mouth and mine was “nothing” and he would do “nothing” about it. Okay, I just hope it doesn’t grow anymore. The 20-something hygienest then chimed in, “I’ve got several of those in my mouth.” Oh grief, one more thing I didn’t want to know.


12 thoughts on “A Little Knowledge

  1. My want-to-read list is filled with books that you and my former boss have recommended. Neither of you has steered me wrong but my list has far outstripped my stick to it power. But hope and interest may yet prevail. I have added the Chandraskaran book.


  2. I love the way that so many of the Doc’s have that pat answer …”Don’t worry about it” and wonder if they would say the same if they got the same thing.


  3. I agree that it’s time for the US to be out of Afghanistan. I’ve never heard of an osteoma. I had a bump on my tonsils that the doctor had no idea what it was. It was there for almost a year, then disappeared.


  4. I’ve written so often about the many reasons for getting out of Afghanistan, it’s become a burden. That so-called nation is led by a bunch of criminals, and offers nothing to recommend our involvement or support. If we get out by next Tuesday, it will be none too soon.


  5. I have a growth on the roof of my mouth, as pointed out by my dentist. I was born with it, I think, as I have had it for as long as I can remember.

    Thanks for your response to my comment. Your response was written on my previous post and not today’s post, so I copied and pasted it to the correct post. Anyway, I am positive that the word Splenda was used in that article. I guess the experiment needs to be replicated in experimental mice.


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