Sunshine today

You know it’s pretty dismal when we are in the middle of summer, and I have 1 day to write about sunshine. The sun came out this morning, although dregs of Chantal in the southeast are threatening the northeast with more rain for the upcoming week.

I generally complain about the weather at this time of year, but mostly owing to the seasonal drought that occurs every summer. July has been exceptionally wet this year. Fortunately, we landscaped our yard to deal with excess rain, so it must have rained a lot the first year we lived here, although drought has been the rule in the past few years.

Our yard slopes from high ground in the front along the street to a rain garden we established at the back of our lot where I have several shrubs including Choke Cherry (a native plant sometimes called bird cherry because birds love the fruits).  (Chokecherries below)garden 11jluy13 007A

The rain garden is doing fine, and the rain barrels are full, so I can’t complain about that. However, the plants along the front yard that like dry conditions are rotting.  I pulled out the Shasta daisies in the front bed this morning…rotten to the core. Now who ever saw Shasta daisies rot?  

garden 11jluy13 002I am very pleased with the container plants. Normally, I can’t keep up with the watering or else I go nuts and over water everything, but this year, Mother Nature is doing the watering including the containers and apparently, she, unlike me, does not overwater things.

The Heliotrope and Helicrysum I have tried to grow year after year, and which love the dry Southern California climate (where I saw them in the Children’s Garden in the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitis), are doing well. They love sun and water that doesn’t hang around. I planted them in a Cretan clay pot I bought last year. I love them. (the floppy neighbor in the pot at the top of the photo is an overgrown hydrangea). 

Heliotrope = plant that follows the sun.

Helicrysum =helisso (to turn around) and chrysos (gold).

Both are herbs that produce an essential oil.   

5 thoughts on “Sunshine today

  1. We’ve been getting some rain at night lately too which happily keeps our rain barrel full. Otherwise, it’s been pretty on most days. Your potted plants really look healthy and happy!


  2. Looks like we will have several hot and humid days this week. Hopefully we will be able to get the grass cut. With all the rain we’ve had, the grass has gotten thick and grows faster than we can cut it.


  3. Last year’s drought was awful in SW Michigan. Lawns burned up, fruit crops were damaged, corn was stunted. Complete change this year. We’ve had lots of rain right up until now. Every kind of vegetation is thriving (unfortunately, so are the mosquitos).


  4. You are definitely a gardener, who loves to play with plants. My anthuriums are doing well indoors. They are hardier than the mums I used to buy. My petunias in the patio are still blooming, but they look ragged and old.


  5. Seems like your pots are ideal for extra wet weather. We have been having lots of rain, too and it is forecast for every day of the upcoming week. May the rest of your, and my, roots survive!


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