The gift of sight

Baptismal font

Baptismal font (Photo credit: crumj)

Bishop's Garden, National Cathedral

Bishop’s Garden, National Cathedral (Photo credit: crumj)

 A storm blew out the electricity two nights ago. I pretty much slept through the storm, but my cell phone  awakened me several times. The first message said, “A bad storm is coming, take cover.” As I was under the covers, I could only roll over and curse the university which keeps me connected to their alert system. I have tried several times to cut these ties, but as I am a graduate of said university, they want to keep me in their loop (mostly for raising funds).

The second message read, “Heavy rain, avoid flooding in low-lying areas.” Yeah, right, as if I am going to hop out from under the covers and run for the nearest ditch.

As I had slept badly for three nights in a row, I did the unthinkable yesterday and took a nap on my bed. Being a hyperactive kind of person, I hadn’t taken a nap in 40 years. although once in a while I fell asleep in a meeting or put my head down on my desk at lunch.

David went to the grocery store while I snoozed and the dogs didn’t flick a whisker. I woke up when he returned surprised I had not heard him creep out of the house. He says I slept, I swore I had been awake the whole time. This makes me wonder if sometimes when I am asleep, I dream I am awake.


The pain in my hip has been excruciating, but I finally found a pillow I can wedge between my knees to relieve my suffering when I lay down. The past 24 hours (night and nap) I have been relatively comfortable. 


Granddaughter Rita landed a job at her local pet store bathing dogs for the groomers. If she lasts 3 months they will train her to groom dogs. The pay is better than the vet’s office where she did vet tech (dog) work. Rita has a gift for handing dogs so she is very pleased. Meanwhile she is working on her college degree, and her job covers expenses such as car insurance.


Bishop's Garden

Bishop’s Garden (Photo credit: vpickering)

The Smithsonian catalogue of upcoming events, seminars, lectures, conducted tours, etc. arrived and am deciding what to do this fall. David won’t go along on any of these activities, but I extracted a promise from him to accompany me when I visit the Bishop’s garden at the National Cathedral. He says if it isn’t raining, we will go on our anniversary.

Other entrance to the Bishop's Garden

Other entrance to the Bishop’s Garden (Photo credit: aliciagriffin)



I met with my ophthalmologist yesterday regarding cataract surgery scheduled for August 5.  A tech assistant measured my eyeballs and then sat me down to watch a film on cataract surgery.

Next Dr. Gaspar described the procedure and asked if I had questions. He said I could choose to remain nearsighted (myopic) or acquire the distance vision I’ve never had. Or, I could pay $1500 per eye and get a progressive lenses implanted in my eyes. I have elected to remain myopic and wear the prescription glasses I have always worn.

Next the scheduling assistant had me sign a release and handed me a folder of papers (directions for care following surgery, appointments, etc., plus drops for my eyes and a prescription for the drops taken after surgery.  She said I would be at the hospital for 3-4 hours and must have someone accompany me. As we have all our health care via the hospital, I am very familiar with the procedure.

Next week I meet with my GP to review screening required for all surgery. I’m hoping the complete physical I had in May will cover everything.  


9 thoughts on “The gift of sight

  1. My neighbor had the surgery also and was super pleased with it. I’m so sorry for the pain you are having in your hip. That sounds just awful. Ever since I retired, I have loved my naps. However, when we’re on trips, I’ve never felt the need for them. Strange.


  2. Dianne, thanks for the deletions. I should have told you to simply check your email. Lol. Stupid me. Anyway, cataract surgery is so common these days, yours will be a breeze. Remember to use sun glasses that have been UV protected.


  3. Hi again: to answer your question on my blog site I’m embarassed to say that I have no idea if the lens’ that were implanted were “near or far”. I have my two lens implant ID cards and they both have the same info … Lens by Alcon, Length 13.0mm and Optic 6.0mm …whatever that means. I only know that before I had it done I had trouble identifying faces, etc. that were across from me in a large room and afterwards it was clear as day !


  4. I had cataract surgery on both eyes in 2008 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was fearful but then was amazed at how easy it was and completely pain free …I think the most annoying part was keeping up with the eye drops !!! Good luck with it.


  5. That weather connection doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to me. You really can’t get enough warning about bad weather.

    Good luck with the cataract surgery. You will love the result.


  6. How long after you have done your eyes can you do the hip? Excruciating pain isn’t acceptable stuff. My leg wakes me on and off all night. I’m looking forward to sleeping a night through.


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