Bits and Bobs

Neighbor friend Cathy who bills herself as the neighborhood dog nanny met Johnny and me out early (7 AM) for our morning walk. Cathy was returning from feeding one of her charges down the block. She, like neighbor Dawn, always carries treats in her pockets to help teach dogs like Johnny not to bark at or jump on people.

Everybody loves Johnny, he’s such a scamp. I love him dearly, and he loves me, and as Grannymar says, it’s puppy love, except, at four years old, he’s no puppy and at 71, I am an old lady.

(Below, granddaughter Rita with my dogs.)rita 007-AD and his tools 003 Johnny is the back and tan Pom (his mom was a tricolor) on David’s knees. Nine-year old Clare, the cream and white Pom, is Johnny’s aunt. Poms, whose ancestors hail from near the Arctic, may be silly dogs to keep in our summer heat, but some how, they and I have survived. David, despite his best efforts has fallen in love with them as I knew he would.


To cheer me up, David took me to Barbara Mancini’s restaurant yesterday. I had eggs Benedict (my favorite) and he had something with lots of fat. Now, you might think eggs cooked à la Benedict would be just as fat, but not the way Barbara makes them. “I’ve never seen eggs served with tomato slices,” says David. 

When I weighed this morning, I found that I’ve dropped another pound. Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve been at this weight loss business since April of last year, and my chart path looks like a stock market report, except the secular trend (what matters, not the day-to-day or week to week fluctuations) has been down.


I love the 4th. Despite 10 years of higher education with at times very left-wing professors, I am feeling very bullish on America these days. I have nearly completed Robert Kagan’s book The World America Made and recommend it for those who want a positive outlook on our nation’s future.  Is this a great country or what?


13 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. RYN: I told my doc yesterday that life was easier when they did all this at the hospital. Now I have to go have blood drawn and another preop with the surgeon. Next I have to interview nursing homes. Gee….


    • The first time David had joint replacement surgery, I had no idea he would be moved to a nursing home for additional recovery time. They get you out of the hospital as soon as you are semi-ambulatory. Good idea to interview them up front. My first question would be “Can my dog come visit me?”


  2. You should have seen all the rednecks taking their hats off and singing to the flag at the demolition derby. Hat’s off and hands across their hearts…you would have liked the moment.


  3. One of my care giving jobs included ,a ginger colored rescued Pom ,I loved that little dog even though I Knew she wasn’t mine and the day would come when I wouldn’t see her anymore.Love never listens to reason. Tell David my family has been eating sliced tomatoes with eggs forever. Since I became a fan of British tv shows, I see they do the same.


  4. I appreciate your book recommendations. I had a black Pom during my childhood, but less than two years. I don’t remember what the ailment was that led to his demise, but Jack was a cutie too, all black and frisky. I think he must have had a little fence climber in him, too. His coat was not as abundant as that of your little ones.

    A wonderful picture of a lovely trio.


  5. Those are really cute pups and you have a lovely granddaughter.

    Appreciate your remarks about America. It’s not everyone that can come out of academia with a rational point of view of this country. Ironically, the left tend to assail all the things that provide them the very pedestal they preach from.


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