How much is enough?

Parking meters Pittsburgh

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When Adam stopped by today in his cop clothes on his loud motorcycle bike it occurred to me the neighbors probably think David has been beating me, or I him?  I mean, come on, three days in a row already?

Adam, the policeman who tore up the ticket he had been writing which led David to give him his car, has begun working on the old car (a project with his son) and found all kinds of interesting things under the front seat including a cell phone (and I wondered why David never answered his phone); a cell phone battery (guess it wore out?); other miscellany and a metal cough drop box filled with coins (David said it was for parking meters).

Yes, it was good of Adam to return all this stuff. Adam once again asked David if he could give him something for the car. David looked at me and I shook my head.  Then David said, “Give something to your favorite charity, perhaps the police benevolent society?”  Adam finally agreed and that was settled.

Why don’t we want something for the old car? Why would we? I am happy to have it taken away, although I do feel sad for David as he loved the little car. Also, I don’t want anything, because we don’t need anything. All of our needs and a few of our wants are met. We have enough.

How much is enough? Someone raised this question in a women’s group I belonged to years ago. The question struck me as provocative. I mean how much is enough?  Was it a million dollars, diamonds or what. Each of us had our own idea.

We have a roof over our heads, eat regularly, have a lovely garden, are in good health, and have healthy pets. And we manage to do fun things including nice things for others. It feels wonderful. All though my life people, sometimes complete strangers have done nice things for me and for David too. When I was younger and relatively poor, I often wondered why someone was so generous and caring of me, and now I know the answer, they felt they had enough and it made them feel good to be kind.   

10 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. I know just what you mean. Generosity begets generosity. As my next door neighbor said yesterday, “it will all come back to you, good or bad, so do good.”

    When I bought the Subaru a few years ago, I wanted to give away my Saturn wagon. Although 10 years old, it was still a good car. I asked family and friends if they wanted it & they all turned me down. A young lady, who had just graduated from college, was working at the same camp where we were volunteering. She mentioned, not knowing anything about my extra car, that she had never had her own car but always driven her parent’s cars. Terry & I decided she was the perfect person to get the car if she would accept it. A couple of years ago I ran into her here in town and she was still driving the little wagon. Made me happy.


    • Adam stopped by and told us he and his son were fixing up the old car. It runs well, but needs a little body work. It’s a collector’s item, so the kid should enjoy it. Nice story about your old car. I love recycling, don’t you?


  2. This is such a lovely, wonderful post, Dianne. You’re right about feeling like we have enough. Now that we’re of a certain age, I feel like I don’t really want to collect much except for the occasional souvenir mug for me or t-shirt for Art. It’s great to be able to give away what we no longer need to others who could enjoy them. You and David are beautiful people.


  3. Just loverly stuff. I agree with you. Same reason we gave that old clunker Toyota to our daughter. Iife has been very good to us. AND, folks love both of you cause you are not only kind and wonderful, you think well.


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