Bits and Bobs again

This morning, when Adam the cop came to pick up David’s little “jobitty” car, I met his wife, Marcia, a young woman who took my breath away. She is developing a real estate investment business and explained to me how she was training her 11-year old daughter to make investments and earn income from her seed capital (her birthday money).  After listening to Marcia describe the process, which included teaching her daughter what compound interest was and how it increased over time, I decided this kid will grow up to become a multimillionaire.

Marcia’s own mother, age 69, is still a realtor and going strong. She taught Marcia the business and today, she lives on a farm near my daughter which she manages herself, with help from her boyfriend and SIL Adam.

Marcia has a past which reminded me a bit of my own. Marcia says she married young and became a widow at age 25 by her first Marine husband. then she remarried “too quickly,” to another Marine. She had a daughter with him, but divorced him and married current husband Adam the cop. The big difference between me and Marcia is that she is a very outgoing person, an extrovert. In her line of work, she has to be.

I had great fun talking with Marcia, about the Marine Corps, living in Japan, and Iwo Jima medal of honor survivors, and house makeovers. Marcia says she has a great contractor should we ever get around to renovating this place (Adam pulled him over for speeding one day and he became a friend).  Marcia left her business card. If I ever persuade David to move closer to Connie, we will call both Marcia and her mother to handle transactions on both ends. That’s if…David says he is going to die in this house. But…maybe I will get a new kitchen some day?


 I might not have a new kitchen anytime soon, but I do have the latest ‘paperwhite’ Kindle which came Friday. I have been having great fun copying “to-read” books from the old Kindle, which houses all my school books, to the new Kindle. This morning, I converted all my mag and newspaper subscriptions to the new Kindle.

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

The new Kindle is much smaller and lighter and I can carry it in my purse to the doctor’s office (I have several appointments next week).  I was afraid the type would be too small (I need Cataract surgery) but I can see it quite well, and spent the morning (when I wasn’t talking to Marcia) reading The Quest for the Living God by Elizabeth Johnson. An excellent ecumenical book by an accomplished theologian.

Lest you think I am not parsimonious with my time, or on the verge of penury from my obsession with books, I must share that I finally made it to the Arlington Library this week, and got a new card. I also put a film on hold while I was there (The Marigold Hotel) and now I must find time to log on the library site and “borrow” a book. I am probably the last person to take advantage of this service (no, its David), but I look forward to becoming even more skilled with this wonderful new technology where books find flight through the stratosphere.

(One of my pots of Sedum or ‘Hen and Chicks”)Garden15july 006



11 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs again

  1. Wow! What impressive people you have met, but then again they are probably thinking the same thing about you and David. I am reading books borrowed from the library almost exclusively now. It’s the most wonderful thing. You’re going to love it!


  2. Marcia and her mom sound like winners. Yes, I have a half read book on my nook but am not using it. Perhaps my head needs burping. Yup, those ladies sound like winners, and yes you will really enjjoy that film. The Dryfuss film is good too. We got it to watch tomorrow, movie night.


  3. I’ve tried to borrow a book from the library for my kindle, so far without success. First, I got instructions from a librarian; but the instructions weren’t too clear. Then when I finally got it figured out, I discovered there was a huge waiting list for the books I wanted. But, I think they’re buying more rights as time goes on, so will try again soon.


  4. Marcia may be more of an extrovert but you are no slouch at bonding with fascinating individuals. Enjoy the new Kindle and new skills.


  5. I haven’t used my Kindle e-reader in a month or so, but do have several half-read books on it. I should bring it with me to read in airports in August. It’s nice to make new friends, isn’t it.


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