Acts of Kindness


Echinacea (Photo credit: KurtQ)

David and I have experienced several acts of kindness this week. Earlier in the week, I ordered 3 more tall white Echinacea, whose name, on closer inspection, I found was ‘Fragrant Angel.’ The name should have told me there were angels about.

1. John M. showed up unexpectedly to help with the garden (he is to be married next week and quite busy, so it was a surprise). He told me a few weeks ago, he loves my garden, and immediately, I sensed John is a nice boy. Today he told me his Mom ran her own plant shop, and he used to hang out there when he was little. He says his Mom told him he always loved plants. I love it when my sense about someone is correct. Today, John helped me with clean-up work and we discussed fall pruning and planting plans.  

2. Yesterday, when Inez cleaned the house, she unexpectedly made my bed. I put the sheets in the washing machine earlier in the morning thinking I would make the bed later as I always do. Noticing the naked bed, she looked for and found the sheets in the dryer. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t ask her to do it, she figured it out on her own. No wonder she received the maximum rating on Angie’s list.

3. Thursday, David walked out front to discover a cop putting a ticket on his little red sports car. All the inspection decals had expired. The cop took one look at David and tore up the ticket. He then asked David if he wanted him (the cop) to have the car inspected. David got his phone number .

After thinking about it for a while, David decided to give the car to the cop (apparently, these cars are valuable because the plumber told us to call him if we ever sold the car). Today, David cleaned out the car and tomorrow the cop (Mark) comes here to get it. This was a wrenching decision for David as he loves that little car, but with his arthritis and the fact it is a stick shift, he knows he will never drive it again.

These are little things I know, but, kind and generous acts which tell me that angels are present in the world and my garden is filled with them. (Below: my garden 2007)DSCF0338  



9 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness

  1. I have never doubted that angels are among us, but I, too, have been blessed with abundant acts of kindness in the past several years.

    My sympathies for David. It takes determination, yes, and courage to face and act on our new set of realities.


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