On the way up

As part of my recovery from the latest bout of the blues, I raided my granddaughter Joy’s Facebook page for the photos below. I think her sister Hannah who also works at the bison farm took at least one of the photos. 

Joy is the granddaughter who loves and works with animals and is majoring in agricultural science. I wrote about her a few days ago but am including a few more photos today.

At least 2-3 of the four granddaughter are crazy about animals but Joy works with farm animals fulltime with much overtime this summer. She is earning the money to pay for her expenses Fall semester. The university awarded a scholarship to cover her enrollment costs, and David and I are helping with book costs. Mom and Dad have the rest covered.

Below a shot from the farm where Joy lives with her parents:971956_10151576526709088_528727328_nShe says this is her favorite front porch view of the American Bison grazing in the field.  Below is a photo of a baby bison.923169_10151567575439088_876880139_n

I’m thinking about Joy a lot this month as she is turning 20. On her birthday, I will post a photo of her younger self. But here she is…Miss America all grown up with a box turtle:10575_10151623729714088_1648429805_n 

6 thoughts on “On the way up

  1. I get stuck like that often. Do I want to go work on that drawing? Cook dinner? Pick up after me? Go to the pool? No no no…. We too are helping daughter and G’daughter too….and it does feel good. Hugs….


  2. It just happens, Dianne. It comes from nowhere and there you are, stuck in the black hole. Glad to hear you are on the way out.

    Did you mean to say you don’t know what ‘non-sequitur’ is?
    It’s something which does not follow something else. Like I say ‘it’s raining’ and you say ‘I wonder why the postman called’. Non-sequitur. Nothing to do with each other.

    PS: sorry if I’m teaching my grandma to suck eggs.


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