Coming in waves

How’s this for mixed metaphors…for days I was in a barren place blogwise, and now thoughts are coming in waves. Or is that a mixed metaphor? I suppose barren places can become green again with waves of water. It’s sure rained enough.

I have been a bit down, probably an association with the time of the year. Not only do I have kids and grandkids with birthdays, I have an old anniversary I’d like to forget. Yes, I do have a very nice (most of the time) husband today, but I have no happy family photos of the father of my children and me together with our offspring. Sadly, David is not the father of my children.

While reading this morning, I got stuck on the phrase ‘non sequiter’ and decided to look it up after misunderstanding it for many years. I know there was a cartoon called non sequitur somewhere but never quite knew the exact definition.

As usual, I became diverted by the dictionary and ended up with another non word: nonplussed. I am told by the dictionary nonplussed is misused today (by Americans) to the point the opposite definition has become the standard definition. Seems I was I was confused and agitated, or nonplussed, but now that I have read the dictionary entry, I have discovered as a North American who speaks English, if I am nonplussed, I am no longer confused and agitated.

This led me to think about one of my favorite topics, Latin phrases which is how I got into this infinite regression. I learned None is nine, which explains the Nones or prayers at nine in the monastery.

And as for non sequitur, darned if I know.nq130619    

7 thoughts on “Coming in waves

  1. Cute post. Sorry you don’t have a good family photo from years past. I still keep photos of me with Maria’s father. She has seen them, but has had nothing to say. I sometimes wonder what would happen if the two of them were to meet.


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