June is a busy month for me. I have birthdays galore, Wendy, the 9th, Richard the 19th, John the 21st and Joy the 26th. Is it any wonder I get mixed up? Wendy and Richard are turning 50 and John is turning 48. Joy will be 20, I think. I must always look up dates of birth and calculate ages. Once per year I catch up.

I wouldn’t know how old my dogs were, but for our vet, who keeps records of such things. And David tells me I am always adding a year on his age and forgetting our anniversary.  I remind him, I have been married before and had other anniversaries I am trying to forget. Some have selective memory, I have selective forgetfulness.

Keeping up with grandchildren is also a challenge. They keep graduating from this, that and the other, then they go on and get other degrees. Amelia graduated last year from the University of Virginia. She’s going to start a graduate program in the fall.

Graduation Day. Amelia in the center.

Graduation Day. Amelia in the center with her family.

Daughter Connie graduated from George Mason University three times since I retired (BA and two MAs). This summer, she is working on another degree in Latin. She told me I shouldn’t mention the program as it is small and she does not want it broadcast all over the web.


All the hoopla over government spying makes me laugh. Yes, it could be a problem, but with Americans moving around the way they do and undertaking various activities in fits and starts, I wonder that anyone can keep up with anything. As one who worked with metadata for years as part of my job, one thing I am sure of, is that no one cares what I am getting up to. Mostly, I am getting older and forgetting things.

Marketing researchers have been tracking us for years. I know, did marketing research before I went to work for the government. After I went to work for the government, I worked with Census records, a very large file indeed.  Census employees are sworn to secrecy. All workers dealing with others personal information should be. Anyone who takes an oath and breaks it is dirty, rotten, lying bum — can’t think of enough bad names to call them. So, I won’t share what I know about personnel records and huge data sets, but tell you as Kevin Bacon did in Animal House…”remain calm.”


The weather finally taking a turn for the better, David and I worked outside the past few days. My gardener John came over today to help clear out a pathway along the fence for Johnny (my dog) and relaid the stepping-stones in the middle bed. After the  vegetation grows back, I will post before and after photos.

Now John is off to get married and take a honeymoon to Venezuela. His to-be bride, a lawyer on K Street in DC, made all the arrangements. He says he just does what she tells him to do. Smart fellow.

John tells me the Smithsonian Zoo has offered him a job as head gardener. Grrrr they can’t have him. He says he likes what he does, working for a small landscaping company during the week, and doing odd garden jobs on weekends and holidays. That’s fine with me as he does great work.  Now, I am off to visit another garden center.   


11 thoughts on “Memory

  1. I certainly agree with your “stay calm” attitude about big brother following our activities. If people don’t want to be caught phoning or e-mailing a terrorist, they should refrain from sending the messages..


  2. I have a simple system: twelve cards, one for each month. Everyone’s important dates are listed with (most importantly) the relevant year in brackets. I keep them on a bulldog clip on the back of the kitchen door. Simple!


  3. For the most part I agree with you that “no one cares what I am getting up to.” And if YOU were in charge I wouldn’t worry about my data. Alas, it’s those scoundrels in Washington, so a few safeguards might be in order.


  4. Sounds like you have been busy. We are going to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday instead of Sunday, mainly because the meals on Saturday are less expensive. Go figger. Lol.


  5. What an enlivening entry. RYN: Yes, Edward Hopper. Yes, graduations and birthdaay’s here too. G is supposed to be in charge, but no one see4ms to be including the graduates. At least I got a thank you from one graduate already. She fudged on the truth….we have never been a great supporter for her, but we care a lot. Ah, reality.


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