Down on the Farm

Below, some photos (from Facebook) of the university and summer farms (both organic and sustainable agriculture) where granddaughter Joy works.

Although granddaughter Hannah also works on the summer farm three days per week to support her art works, Joy is in all the photos (I think).

Joy is majoring in agricultural (poultry) and environmental science at VA Tech and sure loves animals even though most are destined for the dinner table in the Washington area.

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17 thoughts on “Down on the Farm

  1. I have a pool friend here whose grand daughters own an organic farm back east. I find the stories of what they are doing really interesting, but I feel old. We lived like that when I was a kid.

    Is it heating up there yet?


  2. So fun! And it’s great to hear your granddaughter is in college for a career “back on the farm”. I have a couple of nieces at Ohio State Univ. studying with the same goal.
    Happy weekend, jj


  3. Lovely girls, granny. Lively and bright and pretty and with a great heart for nature too.

    Dianne, I grow two kind of Ligularia, Desdemona with huge leaves loved by slugs, and Rocket with tall yellow flower spikes. They need damp soil, they wouldn’t be any good in the dry shade under trees. I have them in a narrow corridor bed with other shade and damp lovers. It’s an attractive area, although only 15 m long and 2 m wide.


    • I planted ‘Little Rocket’ in my small bed. Got to keep it moist all summer, but with rain lately, that’s no problem. Dry beds are always an issue. We have soaker hoses running all through our gardens. Use much water in July and August. Slugs bad here after all the rain, but they will go away when it gets drier.


  4. Wonderful photos. I am interested in what additional agricultural adventures are in store for her. Please continue to keep us posted!


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