My weekend

Español: Iris pallida 'Variegata' (= 'Aureo-Va...

Español: Iris pallida ‘Variegata’ (= ‘Aureo-Variegata’). Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Анемона японская - Japanese Anemone (2 photos)

Анемона японская – Japanese Anemone (2 photos) (Photo credit: Tatters:))

Yesterday, Big Al wrote about his weekend adventures with ceiling fans, and his tale of woe led me to reflect on my exciting weekend.

Mostly, I read Samantha Power book on genocide. Given the rain the past week and for the forseeable future (dregs of a hurricane), this was probably not the most sane thing I could have done.

When the clouds parted yesterday for two hours, thinking ‘I need a pick-me-up,’ I inveigled David into driving me to my favorite local nursery. I told David I needed pots for the kitchen herbs I am putting outdoors (from under the lamp where they sat all winter). Also, after discovering the Agastache I planted this spring prostrate from lack of sun, I decided to follow the suggestion of a landscaper I know at the nursery, who said Ligularia would work in this spot. 

“And the butterflies love it,” Seth told me.

Latina: Ligularia alatipes
Latina: Ligularia alatipes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 I purchased three ligularia at the nursery, as well as an assembly of lovely blue and yellow pots made in China for my kitchen herbs.


As I sat on a bench waiting for David to fetch the car, a landscaper walked up to me and spotting my plants, said, “Are those ligularia?” He seemed very pleased I had bought them which led to all sorts of thoughts in my head, such as Why is he the second landscaper to be so fond of this plant?  

If we get two hours of sunshine today, we will dig up the Agastache, which have not had time to settle and develop a huge root system. These plants are going into a large clay pot that will sit along one of the walkways. Just as well as they are in the mint family and mint is a notorious for being invasive. 

When John comes Friday, I will get him to help me with transplanting several Echinacea to a brighter place, removing an unhappy lavender that has passed its prime, and moving the Palladia Iris I planted earlier this year, which is rapidly being smothered by the Japanese Anemone that spreads like wildfire. Now if the Ligularia can hold its own, I might have nice photos later this summer.

English: *Agastache rupestris Threadleaf Giant...

English: *Agastache rupestris Threadleaf Giant Hyssop Licorice Mint Sunset Hyssop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. Wow….those plants are flat out dramatic. I love them. All I have are a few geraniums that are being eaten by some assorted bugs. Inspired, indeed.

    Yes, she looks great. She’s kept her weight down, and that helps keep the dreaded double chin at bay. My friend Bee looks fifty too, but she’s now had two facelifts. LOL


  2. Thank you for your inspiring gardening chronicles. I just came back indoors from picking one cucumber and dozens of our different kinds of cherry tomatoes. And I also enjoyed eating half a dozen straight from the tomato plant. Without blogging friends’ gardening tales and photos I may have succumbed to balance and bug challenges and missed growing those tomatoes.


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