Sunday memories

Yesterday, David and I played Scrabble. We hadn’t done that in a while. and he seemed to enjoy it. I only asked him to play one game as the kids accused me of holding him a prisoner of Scrabble a few years ago. I have read that board games can be fun for seniors and might even exercise a few grey cells.

I play Solitaire on my Kindle most days. I don’t know that I am very good at it, but it helps me feel closer to Aunt Marge when I do. She always had a game of Solitaire laid out on her kitchen table when we came to visit. She put the cards away when we ate at her apartment, which David hated to do as he thought her food was awful….mushy peas and such. We offered to buy her a microwave, but she turned us down. “What would I do with my time,” she said.


Photo immediately below: Marge in Williamsburg Virginia on an overnight trip she and I took in the 1990s. Marge Williamsburg 2 



Aunt Marge on furlo from the Army, me Dad and Michelle, Brunswick GA, 1946

Marge, me, Dad and Michelle in 1945. Marge visited my family when we lived in Georgia, and she was on furlo from the Woman’s Auxiliary Army Corps.

From the early 1980s til 2001, David and I visited Marge every summer and when I traveled to Chicago, or Minnesota, or attended a course at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, I would always drive to Sheboygan.

Below: Dad and his sisters at his home in Tennessee on his 75th birthday in 1988. Dad is wearing his Wisconsin shirt and Marge is in blue.

Dad and sisters 75th birthday

 Marge and Dianne - National Cathedral - 1985Right: Marge and me at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception here in Washington, DC (1985). 

Marge managed to visit me any number of times here in the Washington area. “You are the only one who stayed in touch,” she told me once. She meant of all the nieces and nephews, I suppose. 

Once I linked up with her in Tennessee when she was visiting my Dad and stepmother.  Dad had told me I was “persona non grata” and she insisted I drive down to see him anyway.  

Marge never married and had no children of her own. She was the constant throughout my life and I loved her. 

17 thoughts on “Sunday memories

  1. Love the photos, and you have such nice memories of your aunt, whom I guessing has gone on now.Family seems to mean more to people as they age. I saw that with my brother who never had much to do with any of us until he got old and then he wanted to see everyone. Being 20 years older than me, I was busy living my life, raising our daughter, so didn’t see the point. He’s gone now, but since I saw so little of him during my lifetime, I’ve not really missed him. Sad commentary on the family, isn’t it?


  2. Lucky you. Everybody should have a Marge. The Marges of this world (the unmarried sisters and daughters) do a lot of work, physically and emotionally and don’t get appreciated enough. Good for you that you do.


  3. These are such lovely memories, Dianne. I’m glad you’ve got such great photos to remember her by. I never did learn to play Solitaire and I haven’t played Scrabble in forever. Hmmm… I’m going to look for the game. I know it’s on the shelf somewhere.


  4. I love the pic of your dad and all the sisters. My mom is on the far right. She will be 96 this August and still going strong, although her memory is getting really bad. She recently told Paul he was adopted, but they “loved him as much as the girls!” That gave us all a good laugh. Aunt Marge used to scare me for some reason; she always seemed so stern to me. Maybe just because I was so little and we didn’t see her as much as you! 🙂


    • Your Mom was a hoot. No, she was not adopted, but they did love her. When I spent time with your sibs you were not born. My daughter is 52 this year and my oldest son will be 50 this month. I think Aunt Rita had you and Paul about the time I had my kids.


      • Yep, I’ll be 54 in July and Paul will be 58 in Sept (or should I say that’s when they adopted him? LOL)……..
        And I LOVE Scrabble. My youngest daughter Lindsay and I used to play all the time!!!


  5. I have an aunt I love dearly, too. Aunty Marilyn. She lives on Oahu quite a distance from me, and loves to phone and make me laugh. What a delightful sense of humor she has! I used to play Scrabble with hubby until I got tired of losing.


  6. Loving aunts made a marked and positive impact on my life, too. This was a moving look at a relative whose love and character continues to grace your life. And I admire how you move smoothly from your current activities to history, whether your personal history or a less personal but always interesting historical subject.


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