Got mice??


Early Cats and Tracks


The mice are somewhere under the house sleeping off their Midnight binge.  After an absence of several weeks, they returned last night, eating something David left uncovered…as usual. He has no common sense when it comes to these wily critters, and as soon as he lets his guard down they return.

Thus, David called Claudio this morning to make arrangements to have our mouse bait stations refilled. I told him. “I need a cat.”  (See Granddaughter Rita’s cat, a fine mouser, in my header.)  Rita’s cat is a house cat retrieved from a shelter. Once in a while she breaks out of her prison (the house where humans live) and goes mouse ferreting in under one of the out buildings that line the driveway at the farm.

If you wondered what purpose outbuildings serve on the modern farm, it is this…fine places to locate mice and storage facilities for granddaughters ‘stuff.’ Tractors, tools, and other ‘Dad’ items are there too, but mice prefer girlie things.  

Granddaughter Hannah created a triptych oil painting for me and left the panels to dry in one of the out buildings she used as a studio. When she returned the paintings were covered with little mouse footprints. “Leave them,” I told her. I quite like the effect…… 


8 thoughts on “Got mice??

  1. Thanks for the note. Yes, I have the ap on my blog, but I can’t figure out how to put books into the reading part of it. I can open it, I can use the site, but I can’t figure out how to put books that I am currently reading into that thing. 🙂


  2. I wouldn’t mind the footprints as they were left in an outbuilding. But I do not want to share my “building” with mice. Been there, done that. Eek!


  3. Just delightful. One of my favorite paintings was attacked by rhizomes from my giant split leafed philodendron. Ate the paint in stripes. LOL I love that too. Your dogs will hate the cat.


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