Thinking about her

I am usually thinking about one or more of my grandchildren. They are growing up in a difficult world. I am always happy when a child I had grave concerns about turns her life around and does wonderful things. Most recently, that child has been granddaughter Rita who has decided following the reception of an ‘A’ in an American History class at her local Community College to return to school fulltime.

All of us, her sisters, parents and David and me are rooting for her. We always were, but now that we see a dramatic attitude adjustment has taken place we feel our hopes and dreams for her are not misplaced. After a year off from college, she is ready to move on. Perhaps some kids need a break between high school and college? Below are some recent photos of Rita I copied from her Facebook page. Rita is a real animal lover.969601_4841751652741_59682059_n 397608_4186306507022_1571410830_n 945070_4812461880515_544240571_n 



9 thoughts on “Thinking about her

  1. I agree about sometimes needing to take some time off after high school. We had our son at the university and he finished but didn’t really apply himself. He didn’t take it very seriously. He had to go into the Peace Corps, take several jobs and become a fire fighter before deciding to go back to a university and work hard for himself.


  2. A wonderful development. I agree that many young high school grads would benefit from a year or more off, working in the “real” world as a paid employee or a committed volunteer. And many high school students would also be better served to learn a trade. Some kids just experience frustration on the college prep path.


  3. It’s never too late my middle daughter in her 40’s started college part time and is still at it. In the mean time she has written a book and is raising a wonderful son and has also managed to stay married for over 20 years. Side note, in her teens and 20’s she would have been a sure bet for failure.


  4. Great story. I am a firm believer that some kids need that year (or more) off. I tried to convince my son of that and he didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t finish college.


  5. Congrats to your granddaughter. I know you must feel proud and relieved. I know I would. My grandkids are only 5 and 3 years old, so I’ll have to wait a very long time before they graduate from high school.


  6. I agree that LOTS of “kids” need time off between HS and college. How the heck does everyone “know” what they want to do right away for a career for the rest of your life. I think very few people actually KNOW. My daughter Lindsay (just turned 26) went to college right after HS and after 2 years of still not declaring a major and not really knowing what she wanted, she got her Associate’s Degree in general education and then worked for a few years. She is back in school now and I am so proud of her. She is now majoring in Community Health Education and is focused and knows what she wants to do. It’s not easy going back, but it CAN be done. GO RITA, you got this!


  7. I really worry about several of my grandkids. Right now, they are all being silent. They are not even saying anything on facebook. Ah, well.

    Now what’s this about rolling thunder? Are ten million bikers coming your way?


  8. i am so pleased that things have turned out well..the fate of grandchildren can play a big part in our lives especially in this day and age…She looks a wonderful happy girl and she has a lovely slim figure…if only!!!!


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