A Dandy Memory


dandelion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friko’s essay on dandelions reminded me of my Mom whose favorite childhood book was The Dandelion Cottage by Carroll Rankin, published in 1904. Mom gave me the book to read when I was younger. Later as a mom, I shared the book with my daughter. 


Below is a photo of the cottage, built in 1880 in Marquette Michigan, a room in the Peter White library in Marquette dedicated to the book and cottage, and a photo of the original book cover I knew as a child.

As Little Women inspired the girls of New England and Anne of Green Gables inspired the girls of Nova Scotia, The Dandelion Cottage inspired my mother, a Midwestern girl born in Wisconsin and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan and Janesville Wisconsin.

The only thing my mother wanted was a little cottage of her own where she could write her stories. She never got one.Dandelion Cottage c. 1880 

3845249747_9070156c1d Dandelion Cottage

6 thoughts on “A Dandy Memory

  1. One of the delights of blogging is where a fellow blogger’s post leads another blogger’s memories and thoughts. A wonderful memory “bubble” as you call recollections, and true to your training in history research, presented in a broader and interesting geographical perspective.


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