Wet. soggy, and hard to like

Our beautiful spring dissolved into 5 days of rain with intermittent sunshine (enough to make it muggy in May..yuk!!). We finally found a break in the clouds long enough to give the dogs a cursory walk up the block and back. A few drops fell on us as soon as we left the front yard, but we persevered. 

English: Footpath through the Corn fields

English: Footpath through the Corn fields (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, the aquifer in the Midwest is drying out and crops are dying on the vine or stalk as they mostly grow grain in that part of the world. These days, corn is turned into ethanol so folks who drive pricey green cars can feel virtuous. Meanwhile, the part of the world that relies on corn as an imported foodstuff goes without or pays exorbitant prices. Ditto farmers whose chickens eat the corn kernels.


Having finished her first year in the school of agriculture, Granddaughter Joy is home from Virginia Tech. I should see her this Saturday when her parents come to Northern Virginia. I told her I would give her $$ for each A she earned and she  reports that she earned 4 this semester. She did so well her school has offered her a scholarship for next fall. Wonderful news as the family struggles to prevent student loan dependence.

One of Joy’s co-workers at the farm where she has been employed for several years is on leave owing to a death in the family, which means that as soon as Joy arrived home, she began working.  She will work all summer, earning money for clothes, books, and supplies next fall. Working your way through college is still important in this part of America.


Cousin Susie writes that her 28-year old grandson died of a heart attack in his sleep this week. Very tough for her as her son is somewhere in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile the Washington Post informs its readers that not only will the US pull out of Afghanistan by the end of next year, our military is taking all its helicopters home. This move will leave the Afghan army with a dearth of equipment to medevac wounded soldiers. I am writing to my Congressman  and Senator Mark Warner to protest this move as I think it is a good way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I mean what are we going to do with all that equipment, send it to Syria? Or perhaps it will be offered for sale at an Army surplus stores?  


img078 Reading: Continuing Judith Walkowitz’s Nights Out: Life in Cosmopolitan London – the tale of Soho and its influence on cities across the globe. The book stirs up memory bubbles of our many visits to London. I got out my maps so as to follow the tale which begins with Virginia Woolfe walking through Soho on a typical day. Love this history and you will too if you are a city mouse.



8 thoughts on “Wet. soggy, and hard to like

  1. What does Joy think of the food views of Virginia farmer Joel Salatin? I just finished one of his books, Folks, That Ain’t Normal. Bravo on grands’ efforts to graduate sans crippling debt. My husband and I saved and our sons worked summers and during the school year worked part time or co-oped. They graduated with no debt, although we didn’t live in a huge new house or drive new vehicles.

    Prayers with Susie, her son and those in Oklahoma. So much loss.


    • Joy is ‘into’ organic farming. The farm where she works is ‘all natural.’ Not 100% organic owing to some definitional problems re USDA definition. The animals are treated humanely…free range, no antibiotics, organic feed, etc.

      David and I put much $$ into education. Connie and Bill have managed to keep the girls debt free. Very important. Sometimes you must live simply so that others can simply live.


  2. Good for Joy! Congrats for the A’s and for that job. Love that photo of a London street and would love to visit there again. If we left our heavy equipment behind, including helicopters, would the Afghans know how to operate them? They seem so incompetent.


  3. RYN: So sorry to read about your arm. What’s the doc say? Yup, glad you both could get out for a walk in the muggy air. Yes, too, we beat the heck out of the Nationals yesterday. It was a very good show on our bottom of the barrel team.


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