What I am reading

Amelia w SousaphoneLeft, granddaughter Amelia practicing with her band instrument. I think it’s a Sousaphone, although she told me she plays the coronet. If this is the former, I am impressed because Amelia is a small girl.

A graduate of UVA she played in the marching band for several years. 

Below Amelia and a fellow band member point to their recently bejeweled noses. (and you thought they were picking them?)

Yes, they got little diamonds in their pierced ears and noses. 396178_3905665851181_803886528_n 


 I began this blog reporting on my current read.  I finished the Lynne Olson book Angry Days about the political controversy surrounding the US entrance into WWII and then quickly read a book on Patton yesterday. If you are a political junkie like me you will enjoy the Olson book.

Cover of "Patton [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Patton [Blu-ray]

I like Patton, the greatest general who ever lived, but perhaps he is not your cup of tea? Before you tell me about the infamous slapping episode, I will share with you that Patton was the only general to visit the wounded in hospital according to author Steven Zaloga, and that he fought along his men. He may well have suffered battle fatigue. Most importantly, because he had discipline in the ranks of his units, he suffered fewer casualties and accomplished more than other commanders.

Earlier this week, I read Martha Stewart’s new book on aging, which contained no new information for me, although others might enjoy it.

Currently, I am reading historian Judith Walkowitz’s book, Nights Out in Cosmopolitan London. I read Walkowitz’s City of Dreadful Delight about London in the nineteenth century for one of my history grad classes, and have read part of Prostitution in Victorian Society, which examines the real Victorian era and compares the Comstock laws in the US with the Contagious Diseases acts in England. The book discusses the double standard as it pertained to class and sex.  Not Downton Abbey by a long shot, but verisimilitude in every page.


8 thoughts on “What I am reading

  1. I remember my daughter tackling the trombone in 4h grade. They fought for three years. The trombone won. (It’s still sitting there in my basement!) I also remember when she got her tongue pierced, just before she went to college. Argghhh!

    As for Patton, no comment; don’t know enough about him. But I do know I did not leave any comment on your blog signed Jack. Haven’t had any other reports of hijacked comments, so it’s a mystery to me. (But thanks for the heads up; I’ll be on the lookout).


    • Thanks for checking in Tom. I blocked Jack whoever he was. And he was using your address which boggles my mind. I suppose he is some clever Dude who thinks Jack is a good ‘penname’ for hijacked…as ws your email address.


  2. I’m just at the tag end of “My War” by Andy Rooney. You need to read his opinions on Patton. Wonderful stuff. Yes, practice lots of tolerance with family and friends. I watch their tatoos spread little fingers as their owners age, and keep a straight face.


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