Situation almost normal

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris (Photo credit: asturnut)

Everyday, a new surprise arrives from Word Press.

I suppose it’s partly my fault for calling it Word Perfect half of the time. The other half of the time, I call it things I can’t put in my blog.

GigiHawaii has been very kindly helping me with some of my blog software issues. The rest I will have to resolve myself via trial and error. Lately its been both a trial and lots of errors.  But that’s how I have learned anything worth knowing. For a while, I was able to upload photos. Today the “button” that allows me this privilege has disappeared. Surely, it will return in a day or two?  (I had to use someone else’s Iris Germanica photo today!! Grrr…mine is prettier.)

I read recently in the AARP Bulletin (?) that many seniors lack computer skills. The article suggested that computing was good for aging brains. The younger generations coming along will have these skills but lack many other skills I and others in my generation acquired.  Penmanship springs to mind. I never got the hang of that. But I learned how to type with two hands, a skill that has only become better over my life time. I don’t think I will ever be a ‘two-thumb’ communicator like my granddaughters.    

I am a great believer in on-the-job-training. As I look back over my life (I am 71 today) I wish I had learned some things earlier or sooner. Unfortunately, the sobriquet, “Too soon old, too late wise,” is true.

I never quite mastered the art of fancy cooking. That’s a lie. After 60 years of on-the-job-training in culinary skills, I am ready to let someone else do it. However, I have three rotten bananas in the fruit bowl. Perhaps today I will transform them into a high protein loaf. If I get inspired. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I continue learning new computer skills.


11 thoughts on “Situation almost normal

  1. My experience with Blogger and computer experience in general has been trial and terrors. Your attributing the unexplained changes to poltergeists sounds accurate.

    I have been having a hard time getting online with any consistency lately, so Happy belated birthday. A visit from a daughter and having a wonderful grandson involved in activity other than video games and TV are birthday blessings indeed. May year 71 be filled with satisfactions large and small.

    Was in Virginia this past weekend for a graduation. I was amazed at some of the beautiful irises struttin’ their stuff in Virginia gardens.


  2. WordPress recently changed its mode of operation for the uploading of photos. I’ve become accustomed to it, but not really happy with the sizes it now offers. As for the button not being there, sometimes I start typing before all the icons load and it seems to throw a hitch into that routine. So, now, I make sure that all icons have loaded BEFORE I quickly type (with two hands).


  3. My fiancé’s 90 year old aunt recently “friended” me on Facebook. Tim (my fiancé) wouldn’t know how to get on Facebook and he’s 53! I love that she is mastering the computer and surfing the web at 90. I can only hope I’ll still be able to at that age. Thank goodness for typing class back in HS, as I can type on the computer with ease, and have also mastered texting! I think you can teach an old dog new tricks!!


  4. Does wordpress have a help button? Blogger does, but the answers never solve my problems. I’m thinking of sending you the book I am reading. All the blurbs were written in 1948ish, and they proclaim the book hilarious. I’m not laughing tho I think it a great period piece.

    I solve the problem of Open Diary and Bloggers vagaries by doing my own coding. Once long ago, I built a simple template and use it every month. Pictures? I use Snapfish to host them, and I drop them into the template. If I want it smaller, I reduce the pixels. More than one photo? I copy and past the photo template part. If you are interested in this, let me know.


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