That’s life

Dogwood trees are in full bloom!

Dogwood trees are in full bloom! (Photo credit: The Greenery Nursery)

After five days of rain, the sun finally peeked through this morning. David and I celebrated by going out for breakfast. I had French toast to celebrate my birthday. The waiter, who knows us, said, “Usually, the boys get the French toast.” I told him it was my birthday month and I was going to celebrate with my favorite breakfast.

Actually, my birthday is Saturday and my daughter is coming to visit. Since she began teaching full-time, I don’t see her as often. She and my granddaughters lived 15 minutes away most of the time they were growing up. All the girls but one are off at college, so I wouldn’t see them as often anyway, but some days, I really miss them. They grew up so fast.


Lisette, the nurse practicioner, at my dermatologist‘s office called yesterday to let me know the results of the biopsy from Monday. The red spot is a basal cell carcinoma or skin cancer. This is my third episode with this cancer. Basal cell cancers cause me less worry than the later stages of skin cancer, melanoma being the worst skin cancer.  

A Navy doctor at Quantico removed a melanoma from my back when I was 19. Very scary. A military tumor board followed me for years.

I am truly a survivor. Since I had the melanoma, I see a dermatologist for a full body exam annually. So far my new dermatologist, Dr. Walia, has found one each year.

Although basal carcinomas grow slowly, they can become something worse. I am undergoing surgery to remove the cancer next Wednesday. I won’t see the MOHs surgeon this time as the cancer is on my arm, not my face. I elected to have the doctor excise the growth in her office.

In addition to being my birthday month, May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Children’s skin cancer awareness month is September.

Don’t mess around with funny looking skin growths.  Check out the American Cancer Society site below.  

6 thoughts on “That’s life

  1. You and G can have your french toast, I will have pancakes. Extra butter.
    Yes, I have a variety of things burned off every visit. I try to stay on top of it with a full body exam every year also. I don’t have time to die yet.

    BTW: I believe Saturday is national train day. 🙂


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